Action RPG Toolkit

Could you share the reasons? Curious…


  • Seller does not own the rights to distribute all assets.

I spent weeks if not months creating all icons and textures for spell fx etc… It’s really offending that they think i don’t made it myself.

  • Submission is lacking in overall value.
  • We did not feel that these packs would add anything new or at a higher standard than what is already available.

That’s ********, there is no complete action rpg pack available yet on the marketplace. only some inventory systems and a 3rd person rpg toolkit.

  • Incorrect/Inconsistent naming conventions.
  • Does not follow marketplace guidelines

It’s impossible for such a complex toolkit to follow marketplace guidelines. These seem to be made for small packs, where everything is clear if you name everything like they want. But for complex toolkits you can’t possibly follow their guidelines 100%

  • Tutorial blueprint / helper text renders not included.

There is a clear map named “Documentation” in the project with tutorial blueprints that also redirect to the 40 pages of documentation that I wrote. That they tested this with 3 person and not even 1 of them saw the documentation map just makes me sad… They didn’t even look at it

Anyway, I will do a last try to submit it after I renamed everything etc (Again!), and in the meanwhile I will make the project available via Sellfy soon

That’s completely untrue… many of us have complicated templates and kits on the marketplace that meet the standards and were cleared for submission. You can follow guidelines, it just takes some work.

That aside… you could consider selling it on gumroad or selfy if you continue to have issues with the submission process epic have in place :slight_smile: Just an idea.

True, that might have been a rage comment :slight_smile: But still, it’s hard to follow their rules with a complex toolkit. And IMO their way of structuring the project is better for small projects, but not for large projects like mine, their way just makes it unclear, but anyway, rules are rules i guess.

But what dissappoints me the most is the fact that they don’t think my toolkit has any added value compared to other stuff on the marketplace, this makes me just not wanna bother putting time in it, because i will just get rejected again. I’m just gonna go straight for selling on Sellfy or maybe gumroad like you mentioned… There’s no point putting further time in trying to follow their rules if i will just get rejected again because they don’t think it has added value…

Not to mention, that after developing this kit for 8 months, you get this vague description of reasons why you didn’t get accepted in a copy-pasted answer. That’s just rude IMO. I understand that they probably have to test 50 submissions each day, but comeon, the least they can do is provide a decent written feedback.

Oh I totally agree with most of your other points, it was mainly just that one disagreed with :stuck_out_tongue: But I -do- agree that their guidelines are a bit rigid and should probably be open to a bit more variety based on the pack in questions. I wouldn’t give up on the marketplace submission if I was you - but use gumroad/selfy in the meantime to make some money during development :slight_smile:

I’m happy to take a look over and see if I can see what Epic might be complaining about it you want someone to… I don’t work for epic or anything :stuck_out_tongue: but I have had two packs cleared for submission in the past month without complaints haha :slight_smile: Totally your call though obviously.

The pack is now available on Sellfy!

Edit: The pack now has a launch sale for 30% off in the first week (until 21st april)!

Awesome! buying now :slight_smile:

SUPERB! I just buyed this pack and love it so far , this things are well done , like …a very well documentation in pdf as its suppose to be and not those bouring blueprint text with docs inside the engine , this pdf shows the well intentions and care from the developer for customers and superb support , NO OTHER UNREAL MARKETPLACE HAS THIS FEATURES , THIS PACK IS UNIQUE! I LOVE IT !!! :slight_smile:

Hey @Stellarbe

“-For me”, it’s only 4 very silly things.

like described:

number 1 - Very…very good “- icons and textures…” :
Use simple color placeholders :slight_smile:

number 2 - “- Tutorial blueprint / helper text renders not included.” :
It’s not complicated. I think in less than 15 minutes you can do something very acceptable. (small blueprinted tutorial containing links referring to manual, site, forum, etc). I’ve seen in many assets, things like a link to forum thread only. Nothing else. Maybe it’s a dead fly on the soup trying to discourage you

number 3 “- Incorrect/Inconsistent naming conventions.”
What? That’s it only!:“A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums”).

number 4 “- Does not follow marketplace guidelines” : Very ambiguous redundancy. Maybe a condensation of the same things described (number 1 / number 2 ; number 3 ; and again number 4… closing an infinite loop)

And even after you have followed the steps above, It can be: 1- something personal with your own person. I doubt this: they can not have nothing against you. They do not know you). 2 - Really it’s not good thing. I doubt this also, seeing the showcase video. (Seems pretty good RPG framework.) I liked a lot!

I just think you could review these 3 steps and try again.
It is similar to an interrupted telephone call, If the connection hangs off, Call again!

And to finishing the appointments.
So that no one can to say the marketplace is full of the RPG content, which is untruth: Why not innovate future releases adding option for five RPG game “types”. Top-down, isometric, third-person, first-person and VR ready - RPG with VR or AR interaction. Taking advantage of the demand

Please, try submitting it again.