Account inactive for fraud.

I recently had a fraud issue and as a result my account’s email was sent email to change my password. I changed my password threw the link in the email and my account is still inactive. I believe I may just need another email sent to reset my password. I’m posting this from my other account because I obvious can’t log into my main account. Please help!

NEVER follow links in emails (the email may be the scam)
go direct to the website and use the password reset feature from there

Hey there Win,
If you’re getting emails like that, I highly recommend contacting our support team at I also highly recommend enabling 2-Factor (or Multi-Factor) authentication. You can find information on how to do that here: Fortnite Account Help: What To Do If Hacked or Compromised

I’d like to point out as an admin on various ue4 facebook groups and the largest discord group that a lot… A LOT of dev’s are getting these emails and timeouts.

I cant even comprehend how many people are probably having this issue without speaking about it.

This is a huge and serious issue guys. So many people being scammed these days, so it`s kinda sad to see your lack of action and response to this.

etc. etc.

I immediately contacted you over at your helpdesk when this happened to my account, but still, after a week, no response from you guys at all. Kinda losing my faith in your support department now.