Accessed none trying to read property

Should I be posting the above mentioned error in a new question?

I forgot about this that is why I haven’t responded. But looking at it now, honestly there are so many references and hierarchical dependencies in that blueprint it is a nightmare to sort through. Your “Inventory Ref” that you cast to “BP Inventory C” I can bet is an object reference variable you just created because it allows you to cast to “BP Inventory C”. There really is no reason to cast a widget object reference to a widget unless you have some weird parent/child relationship going on where that makes sense. You realize you take that reference and then set it to itself right after the cast node in the event “C Key”? That literally makes 0 sense. You grab a main widget reference out of the Inventory C cast, then cast it to the exact widget you pulled out…a “main widget”. Either your naming is horrendous for these variables or you have grossly misunderstood casting, references and how to do whatever it is you are trying to do. This entire inventory system needs to be reworked from scratch in my opinion. I am sorry, but I feel like trying to fix this is going to be more work than creating something logical from scratch. I can try and help you with that but what you have currently is crazy.

Okay thank you for your help I am guessing in reworking the inventory system from scratch you are also referring to the crafting system and I think the storage system as well. I will look at the tutorials I used to make them and see if I went wrong, failing that do you know any good tutorials for these systems I could use?

This is the last thing I can think of to help you. Made it for this very issue, perhaps you can figure out where your bad references are and not have to start from scratch…