AAA Quality First Person Arm Pack from Ironbelly Studios

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**Check out the Ironbelly Modern Weapons Library Web Demo to test drive 20 weapons and 7 attachments! **

UPDATE Civilian Arm Pack is now live: **

Updates include:

  • Three skin tone variations (light, medium and dark) for all three packs- military, male and female
  • Female military arms gloved and sleeved
  • Female arms with and without nail polish
  • Custom alloy nail patterns for female arms

The set of three ultra high AAA quality First Person Arms are fully rigged and animated, game ready for customization. The assets include bare male arms, bare female arms (different nail polish colors included) and military male arms with fatigues and fingerless gloves with a camo texture. They’ll be coming with 5 different animations as well, Idle, Punch, Jump, Sprint, Push Door.

Here’s the sketchfab of the military arms:


Female Arms:

Male Arms:

Medieval Arms Pack Featuring chainmail, leather and cloth sleeves (both clean and dirty) this pack will be perfect for traveling to the days of yore!
The pack also includes 3 sleeve variations:

And of course, if you need a custom model, rig, animation, or anything else, swing on by and hit us up via our contact form or directly request a quote from


will there be files for 3dsmax as well, so i can add my own animations to them.
i am really bad at rigging myself :wink:

I opened your website and just curious ,
the video in the back ground from Time Ramesside ?

About bloody time somebody did this.

@Stucki - You should be able to add custom animations to our arms yes, but as a heads up we will be building out a first person arms animation pack so hopefully we can make your life even easier with that :slight_smile:
@Andrew - No

thx, thats cool. As long as we can add or own animations easily i will be buying this !
i need it for a third person adventure game where i need many groping hands … or doing gestures

So just to make sure I understand this properly, you’d want to put these arms onto the body of another character seen from a 3rd person perspective or does the camera change to 1st person view during these sequences?

While @stucki gets back to me on this… why wait on posting some more handy images. We’ll be posting up some shots of the female arms as well here shortly!

Where can I get a version that doesn’t have extra bones added onto the exported arms?
I’m not sure why you felt the need to add a weapon and a camera bone. That could/should have been done with sockets leaving the default unreal skeleton unaltered.

Hey Pirate, there should be no problem with them being there, if you can use the default epic rig they just won’t show up. They are put in here for the convenience of the weapon and camera placement and correct rotation with our product line. We ran them through a number of tests before the release to confirm that they would not cause any problems with the standard epic rig, so you can ignore them and use your own sockets and Unreal won’t know the difference.

Are you having a specific issue with them being there? If so let us know and we’ll work on a solution with you.

Hey Ironbelly,

When I try and retarget the arms to the SK_Mannequin Skeleton it forces me to add those bones to my skeleton or if I choose not to add them it fails the retarget and I can’t use the arms.
So I am forced to use the modified skeleton or to modify my skeleton to conform with yours. I do not want extra and redundant bones added to the skeleton just so I can use the arms.

I could just reskin the arms to not use your skeleton with the extra bones, but that defeats the whole reason of why I even bought the item (I bought it for quick prototype testing of some animations I am making for my project because the robot arms/hands aren’t the best for checking animations).

i guess i have a special case here :wink:
i am creating a point & click adventure

and i wanted to create a wall of hands, all animated and making some gestures acting together like in the old labyrinth movie with david bowie
i saw your fantastic hands, and thought, they are perfect, rigged and animated already, i only need to add my own textures and animations to them…

We’re trying to get to the bottom of why you are experiencing difficulties here as we tested this exact scenario before deciding on making the rig the way we did, we tested retargeting our animations to the standard UE4 rig as well as retargeting the standard UE4 animations to our rig and there were no issues either way. I’ve created a video here showing the process without error, can you check it out and tell me if you are going about retargeting things in a different manner that would cause problems?

Hey Ironbelly,

My previous post explains the issue. When I try and re-target the arms skeletal mesh to use an unmodified unreal skeleton it forces me to add those 2 bones to my default unreal skeleton or it gives an error if I choose not to add them in the dialogue box.

Myself and probably others would prefer not to have to use custom skeletons unless there is an absolute need. That’s why I made the comment about using sockets if you wanted to setup a camera/weapon point.
But it’s my mistake, nowhere in your ad does it say that the arms are compatible with the unreal default 4.8+ skeleton.
I made an error in assuming that because it is marketed towards unreal developers that you used an unmodified version of the unreal skeleton.

You can consider this issue closed on my end as I have already reskinned the arms in Maya while waiting for a response.

Also great work on the submissions, it’s always nice to see more marketplace content every Wednesday :slight_smile:

Hey, I bought these for the same reason as Pirate to prototype some fps anims, however, when re-targeting it doesn’t add any extra bones to my default skeleton like it does to yours. It just re-targets all the animations, that the Ironbelly arms had and it all works perfectly with the UE4 arms. From my past experience if it doesn’t have the bones it just ignores them.

Anyway thanks for these much needed fps arms, Cant wait for the pack!

Here’s an image from the QA process of the female arms. We double and triple check every set of arms and hands to make sure they are as close as possible to the default UE4 rig to allow for the best retargeting possible. We should have her arms textured up and polished this week!

Really excited to present out first person arms all setup and animated in Sketchfab… We’ve been working hard with the fine folks over there with there new Animation beta program and are proud to say that these are the first animated first person arms ever on Sketchfab. Huzzah, achievement unlocked!


Unfortunately I found a bug in the mobile version of the forums and my original post below was deleted last night so I’m reposting this.

Really excited to present out first person arms all setup and animated in Sketchfab… We’ve been working hard with the fine folks over there with the new Animation beta program and are proud to say that these are the first animated first person arms ever on Sketchfab. Huzzah, achievement unlocked!


And she’s done, as promised to those of you who requested, we have multiple color choices :slight_smile:

Hi Ironbelly, these look great! When do you anticipate the pack will be available on the Marketplace?