AAA Quality Assault Rifle Asset Packs from Ironbelly Studios

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We’re in the process of updating our pistol packs to comply with Epic’s new copyright terms, but in the meantime if would like to grab our Assault Rifle packs, you can check out our store.

Check out Ironbelly FPS Weapons In Action in these projects:

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds:

**Onward: **

**Hover Junkers: **

**Hotdogs, Horsehoes & Hand Grenades: **

MP4A1 on the Marketplace: The M4A1 Assault Rifle


Other Rifles available on the Marketplace from Ironbelly Studios:

[sketchfab]e889bce860cb4072b1ec60fb7bb7a436[/sketchfab] [Sketchfab]84e33e4bedc14f56998cac4401a37d2d[/Sketchfab] [Sketchfab]360c32501a3e4555ad33de869b4501fe[/Sketchfab] [Sketchfab]7d9ca6b24eef49c88b429d00f49622dd[/Sketchfab] [Sketchfab]f94c9aac1aaa4fc2ab3c7df6163402f3[/Sketchfab]

**FAQ’S: **
1. Are the first person arms compatible with the Epic standard rig?
Yes, there is an extra bone that won’t transfer over but also won’t cause any trouble or errors. The arms are also interchangeable with any weapon pack purchased from IB.

2. Will you be releasing these in a 3-pack?
Yes- we’ve gotten some feedback from folks that purchase one weapon before we’ve released a 3-pack. We completely understand and are working hard to get the 3-packs up as quickly as possible to give you more options. We are also adding all kinds of good stuff in the 3-packs like extra animations, attachments and extra functionality with future updates planned that include texture variations!

*3. Are the animations in the demo the same that are available in the weapon pack? *
Yes, the blueprint folder in the weapon packs has the same animations we show off in the demo video.

4. Can the weapons be used in 3rd person?
We include 3 LOD meshes of each weapon so you could just use LOD2 and reduce the texture resolution and/or simplify the shader for your third person game.

5. Have there been any updates to the XM8 and will you be including info about the updates here?
Yes- since we released the XM8, Epic has sent out an update for a minor fix and we will make sure to also post about any other updates on all of our weapons so that you can stay up to date.

6. What comes with each model?
Each model will include with 4K PBR textures for stunning detail and multiple LODs for those who need performance. Every moving part is separately modeled, allowing you to easily animate everything from the trigger to the safety.
As a bonus, the assets will also come with a set of first person arms, fully rigged, animated, and compatible with Kubold’s Animset Pro (

This thread will track the progress of the ARs as we keep rolling new ones out! You’ll see the WIPs and the final renders as they are finished up. Let us know what you think!

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Here’s another WIP of the XM8 wireframe on shaded mode. Our priority here of course is to create the most gorgeous weapons possible while remaining efficient with the polygons. These weapons will still come out on the high end in terms of triangle counts however we always package in 3 sets of LOD’s to make sure that these weapons not only work well over distances but perform well on a broad range of platforms

And here she is in all her glory, ready for prime time

With the SCAR, we’re working on making the bolts stand out a bit more to add more variety and interesting materials and avoid an overly monochromatic look:

Here’s a clay render to show the AO and some more of the mesh detail:

The XM8 = OK but the SCAR = WOW take my money now.

Have you consider selling add-on’s like scopes, lasers, optical sights, flashlights or anything one can think of to beef it up? (functional of course)

Looks great you guys! Its great to see some love again for xm8. Honestly i cant wait to see the rest of the packs you guys are doing after seeing how HQ the pistols were

Not only have we considered it but they are all already created and select attachments will be included with the 3 and 5 packs as well as sold separately. ALL of our weapons are made with identical rails so all attachments will be swappable across our entire library.

Amazing stuff you got there so far! Can’t wait to see the rest! :smiley:

Our AK74U is taking shape here, should have this finished by the end of the week with any luck!

Well, I guess I know where my paycheck lands this month.
Amazing stuff you are making, can’t wait to get these. :slight_smile:

We’re really excited for your feedback once you get them Kia. Let us (and everyone else) know what you think!

@Atheist91 - Thanks so much for your kind words! We really appreciate all the positive comments we’re hearing so far!

@FrankieV - I think I need to take a few more XM8 screenshots so you can appreciate it a little bit more :slight_smile: I’ll get on that for you :smiley:

Can I suggest making a model of a Kris Vector? its very sci-fi looking whilst also being a crazy weapon too. Especially with a silencer on.

One of those eventually please! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, the Kriss Vector is definitely one of our favorite SMG’s! If you check our our SMG thread here: AAA Quality Submachine Gun (SMG) Pack from Ironbelly Studios - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums you’ll see that it is 3rd on our list and should be released right around Xmas!

Very excited for the pack.
The model for the SCAR looks great.

I’m not a fan of that XM8, though.
I think part of that is, that the housing of the model looks like it’s one piece with lines drawn onto it. This makes it look like a toy, which already is a problem of this rifle, because of its plastic housing. Maybe an extra AO map will help to make it seem more partitioned and thus more detailed.
Same also applies to the “holes” above the front rail. They also look like they are just painted on.

Well that’s enough criticism.
Also: Great work on the Pistols, that you guys recently released.

Yep, totally agree with you… The XM8 was one of the first guns we did and at the time we were a little timid about going too high on the tri-count as not to scare off devs that weren’t making next-gen games so we did a bit more with the textures than we do now. Since then we have refined our LOD process to allow for a AAA quality LOD0 with an LOD1 that will serve anyone aiming for medium end hardware as a target platform. Needless to say we will be going back and redoing the LOD0 on the XM8 to bring it 100% up to snuff with the rest of our weapons however we wanted to get it out on the marketplace first seeing as it’s all done and still looking better than anything else anyone else is offering. Once it’s updated(Q1 or Q2 2016) all buyers will receive a free update with the more detailed version. Thanks for the feedback though, I’m glad we’re on the same page.

Now for an update on our AK74SU:

Will you ever make an old fashioned rifle? Like a Winchester bolt action or something?

Hey @Designer102 we’ve been focusing on getting modern weapons ready for the Marketplace for now, but we will definitely keep you in mind as we look ahead to 2016. If you are in a pinch and in need of a custom model, we’d be happy to help!

Great progress was made on the AK74U! Our goal is @Tomura approval on quality levels :slight_smile: Meanwhile the details on the AK is coming along extremely well. Keep in mind the 74U is the baby brother of the 74. Smaller, more compact, so if it doesn’t look super assault-rifle like that is probably why.

Happy to report that the high poly untextured(HPU) mesh is complete and ready to be retopo’d. Let the good times roll

Pepsi, Sexy, Ironbelly.
Can’t wait for more. :smiley: