a question for SE_JonF regarding landscape visibility material

I have had a good look around for a solution to my problem and cannot find one however i did notice that im having a very similar problem to one that SE_JonF had . i have set up a visibity material using this guide
but when i follow this guide my terrain turns black and no amount of painting will get it back . i have to delete my layer info and reassign them . i did find a way that works but since the way i did it is not mentioned in the guide im a little hesitant to continue … I simply added a landscape visibility node to my main terrain material and used the same material in the hole material slot . I do not know why this works and im hoping for some clarification .Also im worried that its going to bite me in the a** somewhere down the line if i do not do it properly … .I guess my question to SE_JonF is how did you go about solving your issue . im using unreal 4.14