A beginers of beginner's guide?

Hello, Ummm… I don’t know how to start.

I don’t want you to take me as a noob, well actually I am but just in programming.

I’ve been designing games time ago, I’ve created source maps, halo mods and I know how to use UE3 (Not at 100% but Im good at it) and now UE4. I am a beast in level design and all that stuff, even animation but the main problem is the programming stuff.

The only thing Im missing is to make the Gameplay (Im making an FPS)

So, I Have C++ Knowledge (I know how to use classes, pointers, Macros, etc) I mean Im not a complete noob in C++ And I actually love this language, but Im not a pro programmer.

So the Thing I really liked about UE4 is this C++ usage in the game and the engine, but after watching some tutorials I am very confused with all the things going on, on the codes.

It seems is not normal C++ is like UE4 C++ I think is a software framework and Im not familiar with it, I don’t know what things like: GENERATED_UCLASS_BODY() <- I know is a macro. But I’ve seen a lot of functions using pointers, inheritance and some confusing stuff. I’ve been searching through the wiki and some tutorials but Im not satisfied, I mean some tutorials are great they tell you what to do but in the code section the are like “Copy, this thing and then it will work” But they don’t explain you how the parameters are working, how the classes access to other classes and all of that stuff or even what this parameter means to the engine. I really want to learn to handle all this because I know that If Im able to handle the C++ in UE4, I would be able to do some great stuff outside the framework.

The point is, Im looking for some good and complete UE4 C++ tutorials in the net, ¿Can someone help me? I’d be pleased.

P.S. Sorry about my english, and Im new in the forums BTW

You are right stuff like UCLASS() and so forth are macros for UE 4.
You dont have to know what happens under the hood you just need to know how and way to use them.
See Gameplay Classes for more info.

When it comes to what a member is for look it up in the Unreal Engine API Reference.
Start small and you be a pro in “no time” :slight_smile:

Good Luck.

You just saved me man, thanks.