[4.7] Git source control

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I was wondering if any of you would know how the new Git source control in UE 4 is working. I haven’t found any information about it on the documentation :confused:

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In order to use Source Control - Git within the Editor, you are going to need to make sure you’ve installed Git. Here is some documentation that we have regarding the Unreal Engine and Git Source Control.

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Hi !

Do I have to create a git repository manually before using the Git plugin ?


Once you’re in the Editor, click on ‘Source Control’ and then select ‘Connect to Source Control’. Once you’ve done that, you choose to either use: None (no Source Control), Git, Subversion or Perforce. You are going to need to make sure any plugins required are downloaded and installed. You will also need to check and see if any prior set up will be needed. For instance, if you were using Perforce, you’d need to set up a workspace ahead of time.

This link may help you a bit more: Using Source Control In The Unreal Editor | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

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Hi @ yes you have to create a Git repository manually before using the Git plugin!

(I would love to improve this in the future, but lacking the time to do it properly)

For anyone looking into this, there are a few new features to the Git plugin after the initial release in UE4.7:

  1. Since UE4.8 the Git Plugin can create (init) a new repository for your project. It can also create a proper .gitignore file to it at the same time!
  2. Since UE4.13 the Git Plugin can make the initial commit with a custom message (single line)

On the Git login screen, you have to select these option an click ont the big “Initialize project with Git” button before accepting settings.

I’ve updated [the wiki tutorial][1] to remove very old instruction (pre UE4.7 18 months ago) and add the above information.

Finally, I am working on a pull request to get an official Git Plugin documentation online :slight_smile:

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