4.6 crashes


I just updated to version 4.6 today. I did some UMG work in version 4.5 and converted my project to 4.6. version.
First it had so errors without me even doing anything. First error was I had a remove from viewpoint node hooked up, it said to use remove from parent node instead. I did that and first went away.

Second error said my function was not pure. I deleted function and made another one, that error went away.

Question on those. Is that because of new version 4.6.

After I fixed these errors 4.6. crashed on me three different times.

I was in top down orthographic view attempted to click icon in upper right of screen to return to prospective view, then it crashed.

I would be happy to provide my crash logs on this, but I do not remember where they are located for Mac.

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You can read about where to find your crash log here:

Please and attach crash log for your project after one of these instances. Thanks!

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I would like to explain about errors that you received when you upgraded.

  • Remove from viewport has be taken out and replaced with Remove from parent node. It will serve same purpose.
  • There is a check box that you will need to click for your functions.

I hope this information is helpful. I thought I would go ahead and give you an explanation while we await your project logs.

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Thank you for helping me locate crash files. I also included my project file as well. If you need that for any reason. link text

logs you have supplied are for CrashReportClient application, there should be logs for your project too which would be of interest to us.

You’ll also find crash report folders for your project here: /Users/geraldinclenrock/Library/Application Support/Epic/UnrealEngine/4.6/Saved/Crashes/

They have names like: CrashReport-UE4-Roling_Maze_3-pid-3378-5e29547a2b409a59ee25bb8c7c4cdd9

All of contents of those folders are of use.


I apologize for sending incorrect files. Here is crash folder for my project.
Thanks again for your assistance
link text

Are those correct crash files? I haven’t heard anything back so I was just making sure.

Those are ones yes. Apologies for radio silence - I’ve added crashes as UE-6666 to our tracking system for further investigation.