[4.6] BlueprintImplementableEvent not displayed in blueprint

UFUNCTION() and Hot Reload

I just tried hot reloading this addition to my player controller BP:

void HotReloadAndReflection(bool trueorfalse);

  1. After hot reload compile, context menu shows nothing

  2. I tried turning context sensitive off as you suggested, still nothing

  3. I restart editor, and now the new BP node shows up.


Dear ,

**Dont Use Hot Reload for BP Additions**
2. You cant get new BP events, functions, or UPROPERTY()'s to show up using Hot Reload, you must close the Editor and compile in VS.


My statement that UPROPERTY(), UFUNCTION() and BP Implementable events do not work with hot reload is true for me in every case in 4.6.

I cannot make a rigorously tested statement about 4.5 though, and I look forward to hearing what your own research and testing uncovers!

For me, nothing involving reflection is getting hotreloaded in 4.6

To Original Poster

My recommendation that you try compiling outside of the Editor, in Visual Studio, and then loading the editor again still stands, does doing this cause the BP Implementable event to show up for you?

My answer here:

Is something I’ve just thoroughly tested as being true in 4.6.

I know its a bold statement, but review these past 3 posts of mine and you can see its definitely my current experience with 4.6


PS: Personally, , I wish your statement were the correct one, just for the record. But so far its not been my experience.

PSS: I corrected my wiki page to mention that BP Implementable events with return values show up in the left panel, and you can right click to implement them, thanks for mentioning that!