[4.3 freeze] when stepping on foliage with collision

Jumping on any foliage actor with collision will cause a freeze up (for 5-10 seconds) in 4.3.

I have tested that this issue was introduced in 4.3
Looking at the logs, there are no logs while it is happening, nor are there any after the game returns.

I can upload the project somewhere, though it is 200MB compressed (let me know)

(Note: 4.2 is fine. I reverted to 4.2, tested it and it was good, converted to 4.3, tested it and it was freezing up).

Any help is appreciated

Hi ,
Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce this on my end. Have you been able to reproduce this in a clean project with no additional content?

Hi , I have only been able to recreate it in our one scene.
I have tried using the same assets in the same project but different scene and it works fine.

The scene is too far along to restart though, if I were to upload it, could you take a look? If so, is there a preferred location for the upload?

Thanks again

EDIT: I’m not sure if this is relevant, but these warnings exist in that scene as well:

LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: ..\..\LowLevel\software\src\PxsAABBManager.cpp (541) 32 : A PxAggregate has exceeded the limit of 128 PxShapes. Not all shapes of the aggregate will be added to the broapdhase

LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: ..\..\SimulationController\src\framework\ScElement.cpp (112) 32 : Unable to create broadphase entity because only 32768 shapes are supported

I had these warnings in 4.2 too, but it didn’t cause any issues then.

Here is a link where you can download the project with the scene (200MB): project

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce your freezing bug. Unfortunately, we found a host of other problems including rendering and crash problems along with it. I have attached this conversation to several bug reports to be assessed, but these may take some time to parse through and discover what may be occurring. On a side note, I wanted to provide to you some information that may be useful:

I believe that level streaming would be extremely beneficial to you during this project. I noticed that you have a lot of objects set up in your persistent level, which is definitely contributing to the rendering bug we came across (when there is a large amount of foliage in a level they begin to glow bright emissive colors). By separating these out into separate streamed levels you will save yourself a lot of space and processing, which may help improve performance by a large margin in the long run. For now, however, I would recommend working on other areas of your game until we can figure out what exactly is causing these problems that you are experiencing. We will post here when we have more information on the bug.

Thanks ,

About the glowing foliage, the grass was emissive in the version I sent you (on purpose through the material), in case that’s what you’re seeing. I admit it looks ridiculous though :stuck_out_tongue:

Also thank you very much for the level streaming suggestion, I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to use it in such a way so I hadn’t really considered them.

Absolutely! I saw the light emissive when I had deleted some of the foliage, which was fine. However with the amount of foliage in the level it was almost like walking into a field of bright neon supernovas while walking in a tron suit (the character was brightly glowing as well). That’s when I knew it was a rendering issue instead of the material choice. I actually really like the light emissive quality your foliage had when it wasn’t breaking, it looked really good so far!

Oh wow, that almost sounds neat! We haven’t seen that issue on our machines, so if there’s anything I can provide to help narrow it down, I’d be glad to.