4.11 preview 7 Stereo Panoramic export works!

Very cool, thanks for this post! Seems like it doesn’t seem to work with auto exposure/eye adaptation atm though. My scene is pretty dark is I disable the post process volume that has any kind of exposure setting. No amount of tweaking to the min and max settings, as well as exposure bias, will affect it when it takes a stereopano screenshot.

You could desactivate the auto exposure from edit project setting and rendering.

Yup that’s what I did. The issue is mainly with the way my scene was being lit with HDRI lighting. It’s dark by default with no autoexposure. I was using the bias and min/max settings to adjust and brighten it. It’s okay, I changed my light set up so it looks fine now with disabled auto exposure.

Maxx3d, I tested a scene with all baked lighting and it looked fine. However on another scene with stationary lighting (both sky and directional), I’m getting the same issue you have where the right eye has no shadows.

Hope this plugin gets better integration in the official release.
So far , from what i’ve tested :

  1. Right eye captures from scenes with dynamic light shadows , AmbientOclution , depthshadows , skylight oclutions and AutoExposure wont display correct.
  2. Frame by frame capture its not possible (at least in complex animated scenes ) . the exporter renders 1 frame each 6 or 8 frames ingame. Wich means animation will result choppy and fast . Tried to increase FPS ingame to give more time to the exporter to catch up but did not work.
  3. in some cases , capture process takes more time than an actual rendering (vray)

What i consider its missing so far :

  1. Enable - disable , Stereo or monoscopic render capture

  2. Switch left - right order rendering , naming files

  3. Resolution Aspect ratio setting , rendering 4096x2048 its ok for monoscopic but exceeds for stereo (should be 2048x2048 + 2048x2048) and not 4096x2048 + 4096x2048

  4. Working capture frame rate and setteable !

  5. Reliable Documentation !

  6. A proper in-editor menu with all settings including access to proper ranges for each command (like make movie menu, already in matinee) would be nicer !

If anyone has solved some or any of the issues i stated , please share your wisdom! :slight_smile:

tested on a : I7 3770 at 3.4ghz with 32gb ddr3 ram, video: geforce gtx 980 4gb ddr5 ,

Agree with most of that. It would also be nice to have audio recording options - I imagine this is possible with existing UE4 tools, but I wonder if it works at the same time as SP export.

For Stereo you have to put one on top of the other (TopBottom)

Like this

and Audio can be added in Post Production I guess…

Hello,What’s SP.ForceAlpha’s value?

Good day everyone !
Just downloaded preview 8 , the exporter seems that is no longer working , at least like it did it in preview 7 , it does not start the capture process using the command SP.PanoramicMovie x xx , Did not found what is going on , has anyone tested this version yet ?

Hello. I’m just starting to learn UE4. Please help me to understand

My first time trying this (I’m on Preview 8) and get pure black left and right screenshots as output when calling sp.PanoramicScreenshot 0

Any ideas?

EDIT: Found my issue - Mobile Scalable targe hardware settings just produces black screens. Desktop maximum quality target hardware and then it works :slight_smile:

How did you do to start the capturing process, i cant do that anymore using console commands, like i did in preview 7 , this seems to happen with preview 8 and the 4.11 final version too

Update: It works ! Just found that you need to disable " instanced Stereo" in Project Settings > Rendering cause it seems to be incompatible with panoramic capture

Ok, got some test footage recorded and I just brought the frames into Premiere. Does anyone know what frame rate I should use for the sequence? The 30FPS that was detected by Premiere has the animations playing way too fast.

Fix the Frame rate that you desire in the rendering settings.

Hello Guys,
I did another test on the 4.11 everything work well, but I still got some issue as vertical black line and I really don’t understand why I get the left and right pictures with different color.
I used this parameters
SP.HorizontalAngularIncrement 0.5
SP.VerticalAngularIncrement 22.5
SP.CaptureHorizontalFOV 22.5
StepCaptureWidth 1440



I’ve had an educational project and I’ve been waiting for 360 to get a bit more streamlined in UE4 so I can export it for VR cardboard use in classrooms.

Can someone please just tell me how to find the Kite and Lightning plugin or upload it for me somewhere? I just keep running into dead links on redit and thats about it. THanks!!

Just seen a bit of text above. So the plugin is built into the new release now? That’s great if true!

Ignore my desperate pleas if so.


Hello,how to get the left picture only or right picture only?

hi lebek thanks for the valuable info

if you could tell us further how to capture/make the sequence it will help a lot for new users like me

thanks in advance

I’ve just done the first render of my project after reading all the info here. Works pretty well so thanks to everyone for posting up the right way to do things on the forum here!

I’m just having a similar problem to noblespoon in that my project in total takes about 2.5 minutes for everything to happen but when I render out the project with this plugin the whole thing, when brought into after effects, only takes 14 seconds. It’s basically rendering out 1 frame per second or something rather than 25 or 30. That means i have to stretch the project in AE by 800% which is looking pretty rubbish.

Anyone know where the setup for that would be??

I have the same problem, if someone can help us… :slight_smile: