(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Hi Dannington,

thank you, you’re my lord and savior!!! :wink:

I wasn’t even aware there was a download image node!!! is exactly what I was looking for, as I preferred downloading my textures from a URL and a storage path was only a workaround. But in other forums they said such a node would not exist (which seemed really strange to me, but I didn’t knew better).

in , thanks again, even though now I don’t need’s (awesome) plugins at …

Hello , could you include an extra node in your plugin, that would get the informations in “project settings”, like “project version” and “project name”?

Thank you Dannington!

A "little" request: I'm not sure if it's within the engine already or not, but I would be happy to see a delay node with a float output of how much  is remaining on the delay. I hope it's ok that I ask for that ^^



It's a great idea! but async operation like that requires engine node, which I cannot make as part of  BP-only compatible plugin :)

But nice to hear form you !

If you go to Edit -> Plugins and then click on a little green button in the lower right corner you will get a lovely assortment of Epic-created plugin templates, many thanks to Epic Noland!

[QUOTE=John Alcatraz;474500]
Awesome! Thanks :D

Unfortunately, I can't see the new version in the Wiki. I only see the old version from 6th February, and it does not work in 4.11, gives me errors if I try to compile it.

So, I'm now dealing with the whole "most recent version of Victory Plugin isn't showing in the Wiki download page" issue.


Okay I see my uploading to my media fire is simply not optional, one moment, I am doing a new release right now anyways



Where have I gone wrong


Downloaded and extracted.


Opened Project, and made folder “Plugins”

Pasted in files


And then I get


But as you can see, the file seems to be there in the first pic ^^

Any help would be great

I answer your question in my post below!

New BP Node ~ Get Box Containing World Points!

Dear Community,

I’ve just released a new node!

It is very helpful any you are doing 3D geometric analysis and want a volume that contains and any arbitrary number of 3D world space points that you specify!

Check it out!

In pic the little dots are 3D meshes and I gather the points in the level blueprint and generate a Box that contains of them using my new node!

**Victory Plugin New Distribution Policy**

Because of the 20mb wiki file size limit and because it does not always update fast enough when I release new versions, I am henceforth only supporting my Media Fire link.

Now I can put both the Editor and the Packaged Binaries for Development 64 and Shipping 32 in the same file!


 also helps with the rules for packaging the plugin with a game :)


Donations can be sent to me via:

Victory Plugin Download Link

Plugin Engine Versions/Release Dates



How to Package Victory Plugin With Your Game

Dear Community,

First of I currently only support Development Win64 and Shipping Win32 for packaging process.

If you need to package the plugin for Mac or a mobile device you will have to mail me fresh copy of the appropriate device so I can compile for that platform.

**One Plugin Install For  Projects**

If you follow my steps below you can use my Victory Plugin in every one of your projects without having to copy it  into each project, and it will also package correctly.

 is because my plugin should now go in your Engine folder, not your project folder.

Users Be Aware: If you dont have a C++ programmer and you are trying to compile for Mac or mobile devices you should not use my plugin, because I cant currently support packaging the plugin for these platforms.

Solution A

BananasSmall.png I highly recommend obtaining a C++ programmer, I hear they like bananas. BananasSmall.png

Solution B

You could also become a C++ programmer yourself by downloading Visual Studio 2015 for the Community, it’s free!

Eating more bananas will help too.

My Personal Recommendation

I recommend becoming a C++ programmer in cases, so you can keep your bananas for your own personal consumption.

**"Help It Says Victory Plugin Module Is Missing"**

The rules for packaging my plugin with your game are different than they were pre 4.11.

If you dont follow my steps below, you will get an error message saying that Victory Plugin Module could not be loaded when you try to package and then run your game.

Steps to Packaging Victory Plugin

  1. Download the Binaries + Source code from my download link:

Engine Folder
2. Move the contents to the Engine folder for your current engine version.


Please note my plugin is a Runtime plugin, which means it can package with the game and be distributed in the final game product.

Package For Supported Platform
3. Package the game for Development Win64 or Shipping Win32*

**Attention C++ Programmers**

*4. If you are or someone you love and adore is a C++ programmer, they can move my supplied files to the project level, and do a full Rebuild in Visual Studio to generate compiled binary .lib files for whatever the destination platform is.

These will be added to the Binaries folder for the plugin.

Now you should move  of  back to the Engine directory, the proper location for  officially distributed plugins (as told to me by Epic).

Now you can package the game in the editor and the plugin will come along for the ride!

Custom Engine Versions

People using custom Engine versions can recompile my plugin directly in the Engine folder since I include the entire source code.

**Wiki About Packaging Custom Plugins**

I have composed a wiki to help explain  of  both for plugin users and plugin developers.




I see, thanks for explaining that to me. Guess I should take a look into the source code and see if I can do it myself. :slight_smile:



Unfortunately, it still does not seem to work with the mediafire file.

If I add the VictoryPlugin folder to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.11\Engine\Plugins\Runtime folder and then open a 4.11 project or even just click “Launch” 4.11 in the launcher without any project, I get :


If I remove the VictoryPlugin from the Engine\Plugins\Runtime folder and instead add the VictoryPlugin to the Plugins folder of a project and then try to open the project, it tells me the same, asks me if I want to rebuild it now, if I say yes it tells me it does not work and I should try to do it manually.

If I open then Visual Studio file and Build my project, it fails with these errors:


So the problem seems to be:

Yep, same here.

Most irritating is that arises, once you’ve added VictoryPlugin to the Engine / Plugins / Runtime / VictoryPlugin folder, just OPENING 4.11, even if you aren’t opening a project. It just throws up an error saying it may need to be recompiled.

EDIT: In fact, flexed my tiny C++ muscles to comment out those lines (IImagewrapper.h and the other line right below it) and recompile the plugin, seems to work fine now.

Now, I have absolutely no idea what those lines DID, or whether I’ll spectacularly break anything by using the plugin in state, so I’m not really going to mess with it, but it’s absolutely those two lines causing the.

That’s completely normal, everything needs to be recompiled between engine versions. I guess when 4.11 is properly released will do new builds for those of us that don’t like to compile.

I personally wouldn’t be touching 4.11 and expecting any results at until they send word out that it’s to test your marketplace assets with it.

You need to change the include paths. Change ‘Developer’ to ‘Runtime’ at the start of both IImageWrap includes. (I think it’s runtime, I’m not in front of my PC now.

Oh, that works great! Now it compiles fine :cool: Just changed ‘Developer’ to ‘Runtime’ in those two lines like you said.

Thanks Dannington!

Thanks a lot for your work !

I’ve downloaded your plugin specially for your “save to file” node ; is it possible to give node a relative path to save the file ?
I want to package my project in HTML to host it on a website, and save some values in txt to use them in another program, si I have to save them on the server (and not locally).
Any suggest ?
Thanks a lot again !

Of course I downloaded the wrong one… <grins> – I REALLY need to read don’t I. Thanks for the note…


Gosh, since the last engine update (02-19-16), the plugin doesn’t work and my projects doesn’t work either…
Could you post an updated version of the plugin ? Or do you even have a 4.10.3 working version of your plugin ?
Or does someone know the way (or a tutorial) to recompile using visual studio 2015 ?

I’m having similar issues, can’t get any unreal versions or projects to work with the plugin at right now.

Busted again as of 4.11 preview 6 (first I’ve ever seen the plugin report a “wrong engine version” file on a small version number increase, ever)

Apparently Epic decided to move or delete something to do with the Vorbis encoder and now Victory Plugin can’t see it and it breaks everything spectacularly.

IDK how to code and I’m out of my depth on . Commenting out the offending lines in the Victory source doesn’t do anything because of subsequent dependencies and I have no idea how to properly fix it.

EDIT: hang on, I sorta got it… for those who aren’t using Vorbis decode, anyway:

int32 UVictoryBPFunctionLibrary::fillSoundWaveInfo(class USoundWave* sw, TArray<uint8>* rawFile)
	FSoundQualityInfo info;
//	FVorbisAudioInfo vorbis_obj = FVorbisAudioInfo();
//	if (!vorbis_obj.ReadCompressedInfo(rawFile->GetData(), rawFile->Num(), &info))
//	{
		//Debug("Can't load header");
		return 1;

//	if (!sw) return 1;
//	sw->SoundGroup = ESoundGroup::SOUNDGROUP_Default;
//	sw->NumChannels = info.NumChannels;
//	sw->Duration = info.Duration;
//	sw->RawPCMDataSize = info.SampleDataSize;
//	sw->SampleRate = info.SampleRate;
//	return 0;

Just force the plugin to always return that the file in question isn’t an ogg vorbis. Prevents breakage down the line that occurs if you try to skip the loading check entirely.

Obviously for people who need functionality I didn’t fix it but it does at least let me open my game again.

The Challenge of Supporting Non-Release Engine Versions

So it would seem that the challenge of supporting a non-release engine version has emerged, incremental new testing builds from Epic are not binary compatible and involve significant code changes!

What I uploaded compiled great for me in 4.11.4, but 4.11.5 and 4.11.6 have since become binary incompatible and are the source of the errors you are reporting.

I am upgrading to 4.11.6 now so I can address these issues.
I guess in general you should be prepared for stuff to break between increments of an unofficial engine test build like 4.11 currently is**, and let me know when occurs.

I primarly work in released engine versions but I am planning to have Victory Plugin go with the pre-release test engine builds, but frequent binary incompatibility. appears to be one side-effect of that choice.

I really dont think that once marketplace plugins are live that Epic will be able to convince developers to keep pace with every single incremental test build for unreleased engine versions, due to high probability of code changes causing binary incompatibilities.

You are going to be feeling spoiled at me supporting Victory Plugin for each test build increment

Please note I can only ever support the most recent incremental pre-release Engine build, seeing as each version could and seems to tend to be binary incompatible.

I hope you are seeing the complexity of the choice I was compelled to make by popular demand, supporting a test engine build is a lot of work! Donations are appreciated.


PS: Btw, IImageWrapper going from Developer to Runtime is a great thing! And thanks for reporting that Dannington, and confirmations from John and RhythmScript!

New Victory Plugin Release ~ Full Support for 4.11.6

Dear Community,

New Victory Plugin Release for 4.11.6!

Henceforth please note I can only ever support the most recent pre-release engine build, currently 4.11.6.

is because Epic’s code changes between pre-release increments cause binary incompatibilties and compile errors which will prevent you from running my Victory Plugin in older pre-release versions.

Therefore my plugin is now incompatible with 4.11.4 and 4.11.5.

So please make sure you are on 4.11.6 before raising any compiler issues.

4.11.6 compiles for me great now, after addressing the issues that others have mentioned in above posts.

**Fixes for 4.11.6**

1. I fixed the vorbis without having to nullify the functionality, but thank you RhythmScript for the pointer (I made sure to check it (ptr joke)).

2. I changed the IImageWrapper includes

3. Updated Git. 

**New Download (28mb, Media Fire)**

Please note my downloads also include Win64 Development and Win32 Shipping packaged binaries.

Please see my instructions for [Packaging UE4 Plugins With Your Game](https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?3851-(39)--s-Extra-Blueprint-Nodes-for-You-as-a-Plugin-No-C-Required!&p=476476&viewfull=1#post476476).

**Donations can be sent to me via:**