(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

That’s a great idea !

Get Widgets of Class Pull Request To Epic

I’ve submitted my Get Widgets of Class node to Epic!

Vote for Get Widgets Of Class On Github!

You can vote for it here!

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, the get supported screen resolution node is a highly useful one as well that’d be great to be part of the official release… and probably many others. :slight_smile:

Big thanks for sharing these!

Thanks ! Will await your update!

ooh that’s another great pull request idea, RumbleMonk! Do remind me if I’ve not that in a week or two :slight_smile:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Featured BP Nodes
Trace Data**

I’ve designed several BP nodes to make doing traces easier!

Again you can download and use these nodes as a plugin, even in non-C++ project!

Get Trace Data From Skeletal Mesh Socket


Jeez … You’re on fire :slight_smile: And for sure, I’ll remind ya!

Speaking of tracing - One of the things that’s been bugging me lately is that if you don’t want to use physics but still want interaction between actors you have to use overlaps (as event hits don’t fire without physics). A shortcoming of that is you end up having to trace between the overlapping actors and as such will end up tracing between the pivot of the actors/components giving you inaccurate overlap point normals (not to mention no impact point).

If you ever come across that problem feel free to write a better overlapper that returns more data :). I’m ok-ish with my current hacky solution, it’s nasty and restrictive but works well enough. Sort of.

There’s gold in dem here parts of the woods anyway. Good luck with Solus!

Hi there!

I actually have had success getting hit events between characters and static mesh actors, using a custom static mesh actor class.

You have to cause an impact, by jumping and then falling, or bumping into the wall, but I can actually get the hit event to fire even without physics involved.

If character is just standing on the floor it wont fire hit events constantly though, you do have to jump and then land.

What is your actual use case for which you are finding non-physics hit events are not firing?


**2 New Nodes For You

Create UObject

Create Primitive Component, Added to Scene at Location!**

These two nodes let you create UObjects at runtime!

Please note you absolutely must save off the return value to a variable or UE4 will Garbage Collect your new UObject within a short!

Please especially note that if you create a Primitive Component, I actually add it to the world for you so it is visible and has collision!

**C++ Code For You**

Here's the code!


UObject* UVictoryBPFunctionLibrary::**CreateObject**(UObject* WorldContextObject,UClass* TheObjectClass, FName Name)
	if(!TheObjectClass) return NULL;
	//using a context  to get the world!
    UWorld* const World = GEngine->GetWorldFromContextObject(WorldContextObject);
	if(!World) return NULL;
	return StaticConstructObject( TheObjectClass, World, Name);



UPrimitiveComponent* UVictoryBPFunctionLibrary::**CreatePrimitiveComponent**(
	UObject* WorldContextObject, 
	TSubclassOf<UPrimitiveComponent> CompClass, 
	FName Name,
	FVector Location, 
	FRotator Rotation
	if(!CompClass) return NULL;
	//using a context  to get the world!
    UWorld* const World = GEngine->GetWorldFromContextObject(WorldContextObject);
	if(!World) return NULL;
	UPrimitiveComponent* NewComp = ConstructObject<UPrimitiveComponent>( CompClass, World, Name);
	if(!NewComp) return NULL;
	return NewComp;



**New Node

Get Static Mesh Vertex Locations!**

Dear CatchPhyre,

As per your request I have now made a node to get the rotated,scaled,translated positions of vertices of a static mesh!

** node is live in the current most recent plugin version!**

Please refer carefully to my picture of how to set up node correctly!






You're welcome!

**[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Congrats on your first post, welcome to the forums!**


Hi ,

Thanks for the updated nodes. You did mention earlier about the challenges in returning vertex color information of vertices. Please bear with my ignorance :)…Still new to a lot of things here. I have made a Material with lots of procedural controls to allow material transitioning. But they are not giving me the aesthetic appeal I am trying to achieve.

If you are able to gather vertex positions and transformation information, why do you suggest it is difficult to set & get vertex color information in runtime? You also mentioned dynamic vs static mesh. By making a static mesh “Moveable” doesn’t it become dynamic? Also, in the Blueprint Communication content example, there is an Ice Sphere that will melt when player fires fireballs at it. Using World Position Offsets, the ice actually morphs away to little droplets. Isn’t that modifying a static mesh dynamically at runtime?

I need to tie in Dynamic Material Instancing to dynamic vertex color info. I am trying to transition material from where I click on the mesh. So for example, if I click on a spot, I will set that vertex color as red and each closest vertex to it will turn red as the fire propagates. will reveal the underlying material.

If you can clarify my doubts further, I would deeply appreciate it. I am not able to fully understand the technical difficulties here.


That’s via a material, not modifying the static mesh directly.

For your needs you should examine UE4’s material editor to see how you can accomplish your goals using World Position Offset and getting vertex info that way.

The whole idea of a “Static” mesh is that its shape and vert info is not changed at runtime :slight_smile:

But you can use the UE4 Material Editor to change the rendering of the mesh, check it out!


Victory Re Bindable Key Nodes

**2 New Nodes

Get Key Bindings

Rebind Key (Updates during Runtime!)

I’ve just about 3 hours of research to figure out how I can rebind keys at runtime using UE4’s input system! (Project Settings -> Input).

I can now successfully rebind any action mapping I want during runtime, and have it update so the new key is required to trigger the action!


I am giving these nodes and my research to you so you can make your own ** UE4 Re-Bindable Key system!**

I have tested these nodes as working in a packaged game that was content only, and had with my plugin!

**C++ Source Code**

 my C++ source code is in the download!


Victory Plugin Latest Download


Yes! Those must be integrated into the engine as default BP nodes. :eek:

Thanks a lot , you crazy awesome bearded man!

Wow looks extremely useful, thank you !

I lost track of how many nodes are in but it must be up around 75 now?? As I have said before, is a must have plugin! :smiley:

Another fantastic tool!
I can think of some really neat applications for :slight_smile:

I’m abit new to part of UE4, I’ve been focusing on class Blueprints and not Level Blueprints, so I’d like to get a better understanding of what’s going on with Spawning Actors in Levels. I should also note that I mainly be doing with AI characters.

There are two main ways I can see spawning actors in Sub Levels being useful, based on 6+ years of UE3 experience.

Firstly, if you have several people working on a map then it’s good to have a _Design level as well as _Static and _Audio levels. was common work practice among some UE3 devs. The persistent would only hold minimal data.

On a slightly rarer note, it was something I used extensively in UE3. I was working on an open world game which was split into a number of levels, each a cube in size. Sub Levels for each could be named so that they would only appear during particular missions or parts of the story. gave me greater control of resources over the course of the game (bloody handy on console) but also allowed me to do things like load certain enemies earlier, so that they can be seen at greater distances. Usually due to their position in the world being impossible to hide.

HOWEVER, I would never script the spawning of actors in one level via an action / node in another. An event in the sub level (usually Level Loaded & Visible / Begin Play) because the sub level would also have the behaviour logic and other data for that actor.

So, does the ‘Can / should only spawn actors in persistent levels’ affect kinds of actors? Can I get away with doing already with AI?

and if not, how much work would a Coder have to do to allow me to solve problem?

Hee hee!!


Yea something like 70+ now!

Great to hear from you !

Enjoy my Runtime Rebindable Key Nodes!

**Full Sample Project For You

Dynamically Re-Bindable Key Menu in UMG!**

Dear Community,

I am giving you a full sample project as a download (8mb) where I’ve created a fully functional UMG Key Rebinding System!

You can click on the name of any key and then simply enter a new one on the keyboard/gamepad (just pressing the button itself that you want to be the new binding!

And I do track ctrl,alt,shift, and command!

And the list is scrollable too!

**Rebind Actions During Runtime**

And best of , because of my Victory BP Library nodes, the changes you make in the Key Rebinding Menu instantly update the ingame character input component!

So if you rebind Jump from spacebar to page up, it takes effect instantly!

Why Am I Giving For Free?

Because its really important for any game and I just finished figuring out how to do it for Solus.

I figured you would enjoy it as well, since it was honestly not that easy to do, and I had to really think about how to do both the UMG and the actual C++ code to dynamically update action mappings during runtime


**How To Use My Menu**

Go in game and press the K key!

Click on the black and red buttons to rebind the jump button!

Add new actions any using **Project Settings-&gt;Input**

Download (8mb)

Here’s the full project for you!

It was made in UE4 Version 4.5!

Wiki Link to Download Page


**Entire Free Sample Project for You!

Rebind Keys At Runtime!**

was already incredible. now to have access to rebind-able keys at runtime AND a free sample project demonstrating how to achieve that in UMG is just kinds of awesome :D.
Key rebinding is something many players seem to want but there wasn’t any indication it was even possible to do that in UE4 (at least via blueprints), so thank you very much for another incredible addition to your plugin, and thank you for the blueprint nodes you’ve already made available, I’m incredibly happy that your plugin exists and grateful for your continued expansion of it :)!