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TMaps, Mapping Two Data Types Together In BP!

's Blueprints TMap Solution!

I’ve now made a BP TMap solution!

TMap is a data structure that is not yet exposed to BP, but I’ve made a component-based solution for you so that you can use TMaps in BP!

**What's a TMap?**

Really it's name is "Map" and T is the class specifier in C++, but I tend to call them TMaps since Map is a rather generic word.

A TMap is a data structure based on Key,Value pairs, where for any Key there is only one Value.

 allows internal data structure look up times that are much faster than a regular dynamic array.

 also allows for the association of dissimilar data types in a way that you organize.

For example, you can map a set of integers to a set of Vectors, so that each integer is related to exactly one vector.

Or, as I provide you with in my plugin, you can **relate a String to an Actor**!

 means you can look up an Actor reference via a simple string input!

Or you can look up Vector data based on String data!

**The primary use of TMaps is for efficient lookup of data**, which dynamic arrays simply cannot do because there is no guarantee or assumption with dynamic arrays of anything like a key,value where each key has only 1 value.

**The rules of TMaps allow for efficient look up to speed up your game flow!**

Actor Component

My solution is component-based, which means you can have per-instance TMap data for your game’s actors!

You simply add my Victory TMap Component to any actor you want!

I used the My Character blueprint in my own tests!!!

You can use literally any actor you want, or make a new actor BP whose only role is to house the TMap Component

**Supported Types**


**Supported TMap Functions**



Additional TMap Combinations

If you find that you cannot use my existing set of TMap Combinations to fulfill your game’s needs, let me know by posting in thread and I can add additional TMaps to the component.

**Per Instance**

Remember that what I providing you with is a component-based solution, so you can add  TMap data to as many actors in your game as you want, and have per-instance variations in the data contained therein!

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