(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

30+ New Math, Physics, and 3D Geometry Nodes!

Live as of May 1st, 2015

Dear Community,

I have the May Celebration node release for you today!

Community member has gifted us with over 30 new BP nodes for Math, Physics, and 3D Geometry calculations!

I highlighted my personal favorite nodes in green!

**UMG Anchor Conversion**
Please note you can now convert UMG Anchor coordinates to other coordinate spaces!

Snap To 3D Grid
You can use the Snap Node to snap any 3D space Vector to a grid size of your choosing!

So you could use node to to regulate the position of an in-game 3D positioning tool (like for RTS Games!) to a grid of your choosing, while still accounting for rolling hills of landscapes and big vertical differences!

**Convert Physics Linear Velocity**

Ever wonder how fast in **Km/hr** an in-game Unreal Engine physics ball was hurling through the air?

Ever want to know the **meters/second** speed of a falling physics-simulating box?

Or how about the **miles/hour** of your UE4 Physics Vehicle?

Well thanks to 's new node you can now easily convert the value that you get from GetPhysicsLinearVelocity of any physics-simulating body to a speed in the units of your choosing!

Here's is 's current list of available conversions!


/* Speed Units Enum. */
enum ESpeedUnit
	/* Centimeter / second (cm/s).  is default unreal velocity unit. */

	/* Foot / second (ft/s). */

	/* Meter / second (m/s). */

	/* Meter / minute (m/min). */

	/* Kilometer / second (km/s). */

	/* Kilometer / minute (km/min). */

	/*Kilometer / hour (km/h). */

	/* Mile / hour (mph). */

	/* Knot (kn). Nautical mile per hour. */

	/* Mach (speed of sound) (M) at standard atm. */

	/* Speed of light. */

	/* Yard / second. */


BP Nodes for 3D Geometric Analysis!

Here are pics showing the complete list of the new 3D Geometry Nodes!

To see the full list, get the latest version of my plugin and type in “TK” and you will see the 30+ new nodes available to you!

**Thank You!**

**Thank you  for your contribution!**

These nodes are going to be extremely useful for a lot of people !

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