(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

**Full Sample Project For You

Dynamically Re-Bindable Key Menu in UMG!**

Dear Community,

I am giving you a full sample project as a download (8mb) where I’ve created a fully functional UMG Key Rebinding System!

You can click on the name of any key and then simply enter a new one on the keyboard/gamepad (just pressing the button itself that you want to be the new binding!

And I do track ctrl,alt,shift, and command!

And the list is scrollable too!


**Rebind Actions During Runtime**

And best of , because of my Victory BP Library nodes, the changes you make in the Key Rebinding Menu instantly update the ingame character input component!

So if you rebind Jump from spacebar to page up, it takes effect instantly!

I could not have   without some new nodes I made after many hours of C++ research! These nodes are now part of my Victory BP Library!

Why Am I Giving For Free?

Because its really important for any game and I just finished figuring out how to do it for Solus.

I figured you would enjoy it as well, since it was honestly not that easy to do, and I had to really think about how to do both the UMG and the actual C++ code to dynamically update action mappings during runtime


**How To Use My Menu**

Go in game and press the K key!

Click on the black and red buttons to rebind the jump button!

Add new actions any using **Project Settings->Input**

Download (8mb)

Here’s the full project for you!

It was made in UE4 Version 4.5!

Wiki Link to Download Page