(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

You dont include these lines for victory plugin, will crash your engine because you are trying to include VictoryEdEngine which is not part of the Victory BP Library any more.

Sorry for the confusion, its becuase at one VictoryEdEngine was part of Victory BP Library and now it isn’t, it is a separate download here:

VictoryEdEngine Download

You can skip the config step entirely if you just want Victory BP Library


The VictoryEdEngine has not yet been updated to 4.11, because 4.11 is not out yet officially.

When it is I will update to 4.11

So you are getting crash cause you are ahead in engine version :slight_smile:

Easy way to know what current version is, I list it here (now):




i'm using your rebindable key source code section for my project, obvious you will be credited, thank for your awesome work :)

Yaaay! I am glad to hear that!

You’re welcome!


I'm using the ISM plugin and I also have the blueprint library installed.  The ISM is fantastic, and greatly needed for my project. .... when I select some static meshes and press "i", the ISM's that appear in the World Outliner can't be copy/pasted

When I upgrade VictoryEdEngine to 4.11 I can check  out in greater depth! If I forget do remind me