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Blueprint Node to Identify Graphics Card Brand of End User / Player

Dear Community,

I’ve just released a new node that lets you know the Graphics Card Brand of the end user!

Essentially, node will return the graphics card brand for whichever computer is running the UE4 engine at the that the node is run!

Currently works for AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel!

I also return the Vendor ID if the vendor is not one of the three above.


**Latest plugin download on the UE4 Wiki: (7.16 mb) **

Not using the latest engine version? Check out my wiki section on which plugin release dates go with which engine version!

**Plugin Release Dates and UE4 Engine Versions**

Victory Plugin Binaries for Packaged Games

**Victory Plugin on Media Fire**

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Please note the mediafire version includes both the editor and packaged game binaries in the same file ♥ 



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