(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Get a Hard-drive accurate listing of Save Game Objects!

Get a Hard-drive accurate listing of Save Game Objects!

Dear Community,

node gives you a hard-drive accurate listing of save game files that you’ve created!

I am referring to UE4’s Save system!

You can now access a full listing in a developer build or in a packaged game, to know the save files that have been saved!

These save files are stored in GameDir/Saved/SaveGames

**UE4 Blueprint Save System?**

If you did not know, you can use UE4's save system like :

1. Create a new blueprint based on SaveGame
2. Add your variables to the blueprint that you want to save the values of
3. in level BP or some other blueprint, create a save game , and set the values of that 
4. Save   to a Save Game Slot, as shown in my pictures
5. You can load a save game  from a Slot name at any!

6.** Now with my new Victory BP Library, you can obtain a full listing of  existing save games as stored on your computer's hard disk! ** let's you know whether a file exists before you try to load it! You can also find out how many save files exist from within BP!

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