(39) 's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Packaging Issues Explained

Dear Everyone,

For BP-only projects I have to provide the .lib files, and so that means I have to compile each version on my local C++ build.

I plan to support Win32 Shipping and Win64 Development indefinitely, if you need another variant like Win64 shipping, please convert your project to a C++ project (requires Visual Studio) to get the specific build you need.

My Victory BP Library Plugin files are now too large for the Epic wiki file limit of 20mb, so I"ve split my plugin into the main plugin for Editor development, and also the packaged binaries.

's Victory BP Library, separate file for packaged game binaries

So if you are wanting to package a BP only project with my plugin, please use:

win64 development
win32 shipping

for your packaging settings. :slight_smile:

**Why Not Include  Variants?**

I am not getting paid to do  in any way and I have constraints. If someone else wishes to help me by packaging the other variants (or send donations) that'd be great :)

Donations can be sent via:

**Have Fun Today!**