(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

I thought maybe this plugin could be used to gather quest text? Via File IO load string from text file line to variable? Would this be possible, and would this be a good solution, could the text file also be a database compatible file?

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All nodes should be in the engine.

Hee hee! Great to hear from you Ryan!

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**Config BP Suite ~ Add Your Voice**

I already submitted the Config BP Suite to the Engine and it is still pending processing.

You can add your voice to the discussion on whether to add my [Config BP Suite](!&p=232497&viewfull=1#post232497) to the engine here:
(need to have a UE4-linked github account to view this link)



Rama, is there an easy way to compile your plugin myself for a newer version of the engine? I am using the most recent 4.7 branch and the engine does not want to accept your latest version of the plugin. :slight_smile:

Rama I need this :smiley:

I know it takes years to make ^^

Rama’s Instanced Static Mesh Editor

I added a new feature to my Vertex Snap Editor Plugin which is an optional plugin that comes with my Victory BP Library!

**Super-Efficient Way to Render 1000s of Meshes!**

In this video you can see my frame rate go from 9 fps with 1500 static mesh actors in the scene, back to over 100 fps, with the simple press of a key! And all the geometry in the level is preserved!

You can now easily create a super efficient instanced static mesh from a selection of regular static meshes, and also undo the process to make individual edits!

**I explain everything in the video!**

Installation Instructions



PS: Make sure to get my latest plugin version, it includes a fix for maintaining vertex shape choice as well as current vertex scaling (change vertex scaling with  and ] keys)

**Rama’s Instanced Static Mesh Editor

You Can Support Editor Integration!**

I’ve submitted my Instanced Static Mesh Editor Feature to Epic! You can support it if you would like it added to the engine!


**Video 2 ~ Editor Integration**

Video 3 ~ Blueprint Support!

**Full Description Here!**



What a great addition EverNewJoy aka Rama

Your devotion to the UE4 Community is unquestionable and outstanding

Instanced Static Mesh Editor Update

I just added support for layers and world outliner folder paths!

Now if you revert an instanced static mesh you played into a folder, all the new static mesh actors will be added to the same folder!

And all layer information is copied as well!

This works both ways, so if you had a bunch of static mesh actors in a layer, and turn them into a single instanced static mesh actor, that actor will have all the layers and be in the folder of the root static mesh actor from the original selection.



1500 Static meshes turned into one instanced static mesh. I am speech less.

Way to go RAMA!

Very very Cool Rama!

Question about the instanced mesh editor, what if all those cubes have LOD’s… would that work?

Rama is always full of great surprises! Great work! =)

Latest builds seem to not work with pure BP builds. Plugin ‘VictoryPlugin’ failed to load because module ‘VictoryBPLibrary’ could not be found. Tried with latest 3 builds on the wiki. Guess I’ll come back to this later.

Hi Luos!

LODs are part of the static mesh asset itself, they will be carried over just fine!

I just tested the latest version of my plugin as working in a BP only project, including my Victory Editor features of vertex snapping and Instanced Static Mesh Creation.

However I am using launcher version of 4.7.1, not 4.7.2, are you using 4.7.2? Usually hotfixes are binary compatible, that is the only issue I can imagine.


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Hi Rama,

still trying to use the RenderedActor Node without succes. Here is a pic how I use it. The result seems totally random. Sometimes it seems to work but most of the time it prints out names of Actors which completly are out of sight.

Cheers Pascal

Nice work Rama - Loving seeing how you’re transforming the engine! This is yet another great idea which will help my project out.

Can the meshes have components attached or is that not in the spirit of the static part of static mesh?

Also, can you access the scale and positions of the items? I was wondering if you could make a voxel type look by running a height field from an image or something through a flat plane of instanced cubes?

Or - could you offset the vertices in the Z axis using a displacing material with a world sized UV?

Keep it up buddy - I’m interested to see what games you’ve been making (if you have any time for your own projects outside doing this great stuff).


Hee hee! * blushes *

I will be adding support for creating instances via a Blueprint node soon, then you can use any kind of logic you want!

Yea I do have personal project I am working on, the demo project for my book on UE4 C++!

I will try and post videos soon as I can!

Great to hear from you Dannington!



I dont think you can attach stuff to individual instances of instanced static mesh component, but you could attach to the whole actor and position the attachment in world space!


Rama’s Suite of Powerful UMG Nodes

My Get All Widgets Of Class Was Added to the Engine as of 4.7! You can use it in-Engine right now!

Here are the 3 core BP nodes that I’ve been using to make all of my complicated interacting UMG menus, including an in-game file browser and a menu that allows you to change the materials on any skeletal mesh, while in-game!

These nodes are available to you now!

**Get All Widgets of Class**

Allows you to not have to store references everywhere to your widgets, making it easy to interact with the Player Controller and My Character blueprints :) 

Also makes it easy to remove a loading screen after a level transition, without storing refs in Game Instance class

Remove All Widgets Of Class

You can find and remove any widget any time this way, no matter where you are in BP! (here I am in the Level BP)

Rama Tip:
If you make a general superclass for all your widgets (Reparent to a blank UserWidget of your own making), you can clear your entire UI system from the viewport with a single call to RemoveAllWidgetsOfClass, supplying the class that is your super class for all your user widgets!

So lets say you have 3 user widgets that you made, make a 4th that is blank, reparent your existing 3 to your new empty 4th widget (“WidgetMaster” for example).

Now you can just call RemoveAllWidgetsOfClass on your new 4th widget, WidgetMaster, and all 3 of your existing widgets will be removed automatically from the viewport!

**Is Widget Of Class In Viewport**

Take action based on the dynamic lookup of whether a certain widget is currently visible!

No need to store refs or bools anywhere, just do a dynamic look up that is lightning fast!



I guess he meant packaging a blueprint only project with your plugin, which does not work.