(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!


(nice suggestion too, have you tried ctrl + LMB, RMB, and both mouse buttons? That feature is already built in :slight_smile: )

CTRL + LMB + mouse move = x axis
CTRL + RMB + mouse move = y axis
CTRL + Both + mouse move = z axis

Hee hee! Thanks Jacky!

Hee heeee!

I didn’t know that, but now I do! :slight_smile:

I guess I should have explained my suggestion better (but I was trying to be quick hehe). I meant using the arrow keys to nudge the actor a one (grid) slot. Sometimes you want to move that actor one space over and but the mouse moves it two, or three. It really becomes a pain when working with large objects, etc.


That would be another great UE4 Engine pull request so that everyone can benefit from it.

I will try to remember it. :slight_smile: Remind me periodically hee hee, I’m still working the Vertex Snap Editor Integration.


Trace Data BP Nodes For Your Use

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Featured BP Nodes
Trace Data**

I’ve designed several BP nodes to make doing traces easier!

Again you can download and use these nodes as a plugin, even in non-C++ project!

Get Trace Data From Skeletal Mesh Socket



Hey Rama, this looks really great and just what I was looking for (with the Vertex snapping). Tried to install this for a project using UE 4.1 and I see that the tools are enables and can see Victory items in the Blueprint window, but I do not see the referenced “10. You should now see the Victory Editor HotKeys button in the top left” item, nor do any of the hotkeys seem to be working. I followed all of the install instructions from the wiki very closely. Any ideas?

Hi there!

Many people have gotten it working so we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

Did you do the step about the Config/DefaultEngine.ini ?


Remove the semi-colons to make this active, AFTER making sure you are seeing the extra BP nodes as well (mainly for other readers)

If anyone uses this and their editor crashes on load, just comment the above lines back out and you will be fine.

My plugin cannot hurt your Engine install, you just have to comment out the above and follow the steps in order :slight_smile:


Oh you know

the wiki formatted my config file lines funny


[/Script/Engine.Engine] UnrealEdEngine=/Script/VictoryBPLibrary.VictoryEdEngine


should be




See if that helps!



Rama, you sly dog! :slight_smile:

That was it - the strange formatting from the wiki! Replaced the old .ini code with that and all is well! Thanks a bunch!

Hee hee!

Have fun doing Vertex Snapping in UE4 Editor!




Featured Node

Trace for Closest Socket

Perform a trace against a mesh that will identify the closest socket to the trace hit location on the mesh!


is this system going to be like the “include XX” in C ++?

You do not have to do any C++ compiling, its a plugin, please see my original post for details!



44+ Extra BP Nodes For You!

No c++ required!

No compile required!

Download and plug in!



Rama! Great work with more nodes.

I’m not sure if you are considering taking requests, but if you are, and if this would be simple to make…
Would it be difficult to make a textbox node, just something simple that when it gets a mouseover event or something, it listens for keys, and when it gets another event, it spits out what it received as a string or something?

I’ve seen other people trying to make text entry with blueprints and it turns into a big long tree of keys, I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this.
I imagine the upcoming slate editor(I think it will be called UMG now) would be able to do this easily, but I think I remember hearing this would not be coming out for at least a few months.

Thanks again for your plugin!

New Video

Vertices Resize to account for Asymmetric Mesh Scaling

Now vertices will always maintain an easy-to-use size, even for very small asymmetrically scaled meshes!

You can vote for this plugin to be made an engine feature here!


Area Vertex Display Video

When vertex count is too high, now I display vertices only in an area around the cursor!

This area is based on mesh vertex density, so it will always produce the same number of vertices around the highlighted vertex, no matter what the absolute world size of the mesh is!

**Scaled Area Vertices**



I fixed the issue you described where you’d end up selecting different source vertices while holding down the v key over different target vertices.

Now you can only select a single vertex per press of the snap key!

and while you hold down v, you can select as many target vertices as you want, and even if mouse cursor overlaps other source vertices, while the source actor is moving around, they will not be selected!




44+ Extra BP Nodes For You!

No c++ required!

No compile required!

Download and plug in!



[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Newest Node!

**Get Supported Screen Resolutions for End User’s Current Display Adapter **

BP Node for You: Get Character Bone Locations!

Dear Everyone,

This node gives you the distance from a point in space to the surface of a static mesh actor!