(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Rama… I just download the latest version and all I see is the binaries directory. But, I’ve got an older version that has a source directory. Am I missing something? Thanks.



Far be it from me to look a gift plugin in the mouth, and however Rama wants to do what he does is fine by me because it’s a marvelous gift to get.

But if—IF—the issue is the work spent updating/maintaining the plugin on two separate branches, I would THINK (again, not the expert here) that doing a single preview-compatible release just once when the preview first drops, and then just ignoring it, without worrying about keeping it updated with the rest of the main Victory Branch (until it gets replaced with the most recent Victory Plugin once the release goes official), would satisfy the general desire to test projects for bugs in preview releases without adding a particularly large amount of workload on your end, Rama.

So don’t go

4.10 ------------------------ 4.11


4.10 ------------------------ 4.11

Theoretically avoids the maintenance work.

Again, just a thought, I would not presume to instruct Rama how to provide us with a gift like the Victory Library if that’s not how he wants to do it.

Sry but I’m about to go nuts. I can’t get this to work. Is there a new installation guide for 4.10 version of UE? In my windows tab I don’t have a “Plugins”?


Make a folder in your project folder called ‘Plugins’
Copy the VictoryPlugin folder into this folder (not the zip file, but the contents of it)
Right click on your project file (With the 'blue ‘U’ icon) and select ‘Generate Visual Studio Files’
Open the solution file (ends with a .sln) - VS will open (make sure you’ve installed this first)
Make sure at the top you’ve got ‘Development Editor’ and ‘Win64’ selected.
In the right hand pane, beneath ‘Games’ (not ‘Engine’), right click on your project name and choose ‘Build’
When it’s built you can close VS and start your project from the launcher or wherever.

Hi Rama,

Is there a C++ version of this? The file unzips to a Windows binary - I am on a Mac. I’ve been trying to write some simple code to attach a camera to a pawn, take pictures from the camera and save them to disk. I can’t find anything in forums or Github that shows me how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I believe you downloaded my PackagedBinaries instead of the actual UE4 Editor plugin which includes the source :slight_smile:

Correct link for source code:


What would probably help Rama is a copy of the error messages from X-code.  I think it's only about 3 classes which all return this error about bools (for Mac 4.10).


Yes that is exactly what would help me, someone can PM me the XCode error list, I can update the 4.11 version to fix the xcode errors.

I fixed emscripten errors for HTML builds recently.


See my next post!

Happy Valentines Day!


4.11 Upgrade ~ Happy Valentines Day!

Dear Community,

As per popular request I have upgraded my plugin to 4.11 preview!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Happy Valentines Day!

(post is a little late cause it took a long time to do the upgrade)

**Download Link:**

**Victory Plugin 4.11 For Editor (7.23MB)**

Git Update!

I have updated my Victory Plugin Github to 4.11

I would like to take this opportunity to thank community member Stormwind for inspiring the setup of this Git version!

**4.10 vs 4.11**

To resolve the issue of having to support two versions, I have concluded that **my last supported plugin version for 4.10 is February 6th.**

All future plugin releases will be for 4.11, preview or full release.

4.11 Known Issues

Please note that 4.11 has not been released yet and my support of 4.11 is in beta just like 4.11 is.

A few things have changed in 4.11 preview:

  1. Packaging Victory Plugin requires ability to compile C++.

If you can compile C++ via Visual Studio 2015, then here’s how you package the plugin:

a. In visual studio,** rebuild** all for your chosen build, such as Development (Game) x64
b. Load editor and package game for your chosen build, such as Development x64

Again please note you have to first compile for your correct final build in Visual Studio itself.

Reason: The plugin intermediate folder is not optional and is not regenerated within the Editor during packaging. I cant include it in the wiki file links since it is 135mb of stuff. Intermediate folder is supposed to be optional, and was until 4.9/4.10. I presume it is a bug that currently UE4 does not regenerate the plugin intermediate folder if it is missing, and will have to consult with Epic once 4.11 is released to see if this has been addressed, as it would affect every C++ plugin that was put on the marketplace.

My life will be easier once plugins are officially on the marketplace and the way in which BP-only users can package C++ plugins has been fully ironed out.

**EDIT: **Solution currently is to move the plugin to the Engine folder: How To Package Victory Plugin

Because 4.11 is in Beta/preview, I can only presume this fix is on the way.

So please note there’s nothing I can do presently to resolve this matter of requiring C++ to package for 4.11, and you should not expect to be able to package Victory Plugin for 4.11 unless you have Visual Studio 2015 or are willing to give C++ compiling a try :slight_smile:

If you are, you can download Visual Studio 2015 here:

Please note you want the Community version.


Please note that Classes folder was removed, I am using only Public/Private now which compiles faster.

Internal code structure of the plugin has been updated to 4.11 standards.


Have fun playing with my Victory Plugin in 4.11 !


Donations can be sent to me via:



Donated - with great appreciation.


Awesome! Thanks Rama :smiley:

Unfortunately, I can’t see the new version in the Wiki. I only see the old version from 6th February, and it does not work in 4.11, gives me errors if I try to compile it.

A “little” request: I’m not sure if it’s within the engine already or not, but I would be happy to see a delay node with a float output of how much time is remaining on the delay. I hope it’s ok that I ask for that ^^


Rama -

Seeing as I needed the functionality and your ISM PR has been sitting untouched for almost a year now, I went ahead and converted it into a editor plugin which can be found here: https://github.com/Web-eWorks/ISMPlugin. Figured I should let you know, as most of the important code is yours. Currently it’s a little buggy, but I plan to fix it up to a production-ready state.

Is there any template available to make a plugin?

Hello Rama/everyone

I’m trying to get the closest actor of my variable type and set it to it, using the Closest Actor in Radius node but I can’t get it to work.

I feel like this should be something I already know but I can’t figure it out. Why is the actor class I’m feeding into it not compatible with itself? I’m making sure I’ve selected the correct type by plugging it in instead of choosing from the list, but it won’t connect up. I’ve tried a bunch of nodes in between them as well but they don’t connect either.

Does anyone know how it works?



So, I’m now dealing with the whole “most recent version of Victory Plugin isn’t showing in the Wiki download page” issue.

Anybody got a mirror of the 4.11 preview release? Or know of a way to force that page to update and display the most recent file?

EDIT: Well, the file I’ve GOT says that it’s 7.23 MB (not the 7.17 listed for the 02/06 file) and also is listing “modified” dates for the Binaries as being made on 02/15 (at 4AM) and only includes the Win64 development build.

So one would think that this is actually the right FILE, even though it’s still not working with 4.11 Preview 5

Hi Dannington,

thank you, you’re my lord and savior!!! :wink:

I wasn’t even aware there was a download image node!!! This is exactly what I was looking for, as I preferred downloading my textures from a URL and a storage path was only a workaround. But in other forums they said such a node would not exist (which seemed really strange to me, but I didn’t knew better).

All in all, thanks again, even though now I don’t need Rama’s (awesome) plugins at all…

Hello Rama, could you include an extra node in your plugin, that would get the informations in “project settings”, like “project version” and “project name”?

Thank you Dannington!

A "little" request: I'm not sure if it's within the engine already or not, but I would be happy to see a delay node with a float output of how much time is remaining on the delay. I hope it's ok that I ask for that ^^


It's a great idea! but async operation like that requires engine node, which I cannot make as part of this BP-only compatible plugin :)

But nice to hear form you Dakraid!

If you go to Edit -> Plugins and then click on a little green button in the lower right corner you will get a lovely assortment of Epic-created plugin templates, many thanks to Epic Michael Noland!

[QUOTE=John Alcatraz;474500]
Awesome! Thanks Rama :D

Unfortunately, I can't see the new version in the Wiki. I only see the old version from 6th February, and it does not work in 4.11, gives me errors if I try to compile it.

So, I'm now dealing with the whole "most recent version of Victory Plugin isn't showing in the Wiki download page" issue.


Okay I see my uploading to my media fire is simply not optional, one moment, I am doing a new release right now anyways



Hi Rama

Where have I gone wrong


Downloaded and extracted.


Opened Project, and made folder “Plugins”

Pasted in files


And then I get this


But as you can see, the file seems to be there in the first pic ^^

Any help would be great


I answer your question in my post below!