(39) Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for You as a Plugin, No C++ Required!

Someone who compiles C++ on Mac OS needs to compile my plugin there, for Development Editor, Development Game 64, and Shipping 32, then I can post the binaries for everyone.

If anyone would like to do this, please pm me.



Hee hee! :slight_smile:

I just installed VS 2015 (requirement in 4.10), and I will be doing the Victory BP upgrade shortly!



Draw Circle, Another Victory BP Library Node Is Now In 4.10 Main Engine Release!

Dear Community,

I submitted a C++ pull request to Epic to make Draw Debug Circle into a blueprint node, and now it has been released in 4.10!

From the 4.10 release notes:
“New: Blueprints can now draw circles via the Debug Draw Circle node.”

Here are some pics from my Victory BP Library version!

Make sure to check out “Draw Debug Circle!”


**Other Contributions from Me In 4.10**

**1. I made an algorithm performance improvement to the FABRIK animation node:**

2. I ensured proper functioning of **SetEnableGravity** for **destructible components**, so that you can change gravity of apex pieces at any time after the destructible is destroyed.

3. **FVector:: DistSquaredXY for Vector.h**, only C++ accessible

4. **Crash fix for GameSession.h**, when the playerstate class is invalid in the game mode.



Look forward to it, thanks.

How Can I Use Victory BP Node ~ Load Level Instance ~ In a Multipalyer Game?

Dear Community,

To make sure that a client loads in the levels you are crafting via my Load Level Instance node in a multiplayer game, all you have to do is use a multicast BP custom event.

See the pic!




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Victory Plugin Upgraded to 4.10!

**Upgraded to 4.10!**

My Victory BP Library Plugin is Now Upgraded to 4.10!

My [Victory Ed Engine]( Vertex Snap and Instanced Static Mesh Editor is also upgraded to 4.10!

**Latest plugin download on the UE4 Wiki: (7.16 mb) **

Not using the latest engine version? Check out my wiki section on which plugin release dates go with which engine version!

Plugin Release Date and UE4 Engine Versions

**Victory Plugin on Media Fire**

**If your browser is not updating the Wiki download page** to the most recent version, you can use my alternative Media Fire download link!

Please note clicking this link will not start a download instantly, it will just take you to the Media Fire file description.

Note on Packaging Victory Plugin


Donations can be sent to me via:




Hey Rama, thank you very much for updating your plugin to 4.10 :slight_smile:

Also congrats for getting 5 of your awesome contributions into 4.10!

When I read about that you fixed SetEnableGravity for destructibles, I thought about a very useful node you might be able to add to your plugin.

At the moment (in BP) you can hit a destructible component with a trace and the HitBoneName (Name) is telling you which chunk of the fractured mesh the trace hit and the HitItem (Int) is also telling you which chunk of the DM was hit. Would there be a way to delete this part from the destructible mesh so that it disappears? I guess that’s surely possible in C++ so if you could expose that to BP in your plugin that would be really awesome!

It would allow everyone to manipulate these chunks from BP. For example, at the moment I face the problem that quite huge chunks can block the path of the player. If I could just make the player destroy individual chunks, he could free his path without deleting the whole destructible component which would look really strange, it’s like shooting on one stone and suddenly 200 stones around you disappear.

Would be really awesome :o

Rama you are smart :3 can u answer me that questions:

Why cant ue4 just save all variables states etc with one little command?

I mean ingame just type: save “savename”
And there after you can do: load “savename”

And it just works.

Wouldnt that be awesome…

Dear Rama,

I get this error when i try to build the plugin in VS2015.

Any ideas on what i am doing wrong?

Thank you!

Hi there!

You’re showwing me the VS error list, not the output window, please always show me the output window :slight_smile:

Try Rebuilding the project, which will reenereate the Intermediate folder for the plugin :slight_smile:

Please note rebuilding is different then regular build, "Rebuild Solution"

Just dont do this with a custom engine build anyone, unless you want to rebuild the engine.

That’s the only way to regenerate the plugin Intermediate Folder which I can’t possibly include with my download since its usually about 1 GB it size :slight_smile:

Nce to hear form your Roccino!



Thanks for all the compliments John!


Your idea is great! I was going to be doing something like this soon, but now I think I’ll do it sooner!



These extra blueprint nodes should be on UE4 by default, they are so useful! Awesome work.

Awesome! :smiley: Thanks!

Hi Rama. Thanks a million for your plugins, but I’ve got a problem now–I’m addicted to them! Any idea when you’ll be updating the VictoryEdEngine plugin to work with 4.10? Thanks!

P.S. Really looking forward to your Kickstarter tutorial series with Ben Tristem!

About 7 posts above you.

Can’t believe I missed that, thanks for pointing it out. The download page for the plugin still says 4.92 is the latest version it’s built for, which added to the confusion.

I already completed the feature of being able to destroy individual apex pieces that same night, making video and will be uploading soon :slight_smile:


I’ve clarified this here:



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what is those 39 in the name mean? :slight_smile:

My Victory BP Plugin started at around 39 nodes, now its more like 120+ nodes :slight_smile: