221B Baker Street in UE4!

Hey everyone!

I spent the past 11 weeks making this wonderful apartment for a module at my university. Its the apartment of Sherlock Holmes so it gave me chance to make lots of little quirky props making the workdays frequently a bit random!

For the majority of assets I would usually hop between Zbrush - Substance designer - UE4.

It certainly wouldn’t have been achievable without the capability of this awesome engine, not with the amount of little props and the detail which I tried to put within each item.

Anyways, I’d love for you guys to check it out, its the product of lots of hard work but overall I got real enjoyment out of making it, I hope that enjoyment passes on to viewing it!

Here are a few stills!

This looks so awesome!

This is amazing work, I’m in awe

Thanks guys! :smiley: Really glad you like it

Red carpets and red wallpaper and red furniture? Did you try to make a brothel?
All that expensive dishes and fancy assets make it look like the flat of a woman but not of a serious detective.

A table is never placed in the corner of a room as people want to sit round it.
You dont even have the fireplace in it! Where is the famous persian slipper on it? the decals of the Initials of queen victoria on the wall? the letter, the tobacco?

You did not even read the original stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, otherwise you would know all this and much more about the apartment.

I tried to mirror the actual apartment/museum and the placement of tables/chairs there, which is located in london -> <- see here for more images from my visit! (I’ve put some images of a few pieces you mention)
Your quite right in that I haven’t read the stories, I wish I would have had the time but I had 12 weeks to create it and my time was filled up with the art side. My enjoyment was actually of the BBC’s recent interpretation of Sherlock (which airs a Victorian style rendition this christmas).
You clearly know your stuff though so thank you for bringing these critical assets/improvements to my attention, I’ll get on them right away, I can’t be missing these vital bits! Fortunately I’ve still got a week remaining to do this :smiley:

  • Also fireplace shot for you!

You just have to read the original stories of Sir A. C. Doyle. Don’t get lured away by modern interpretations, like the BBC (gay Sherlock), or the american (boxing Sherlock for cinema).
Also copying from somewhere does not start nor proof youre creativity. so come up with you’re own version! you can do better!

Well if time is a constraint and your free to do what ever theme you wish then do not change the scene but change the perspective.

It does not have to be the apartment of Sherlock Holmes and why not a brothel?


If you do a bit of research

So since the Victorian times ended on 22 January 1901 the theme could be “My Victorian grandmother in the 21st Century”

Added in a few modern elements it becomes a lot more interesting image. Toss in an I-pad here a cell phone there a MacDonald’s sign outside the window the image then begs to be explored rather than just looking at the big picture.

Turn it around it then becomes your idea and not someone else’s ideal based on a pre-loaded perception.

Ignoring the perception very nice stuff.

Maybe I’m wrong here but they do mention this is for a uni assignment, when I did mine we were asked to pick a tv show or film and to copy it best we could because it would show employers we were good at working to a reference. I think they’ve done quite a good job

^ Yep hit the nail on the head. Still I like some suggestions here, adding modernising elements sounds like a really interesting prospect (possibly will look into this in the coming weeks) ,I’m currently getting the missing primary assets ready. The main aim always was and always will be to recreate what I visited, which was a very unique and inspiring set of rooms.

Wonderful job, this all looks really great!

Added a few of the missing elements, Persian Slipper, the letter and some various tobacco containers.

You work fast! How long do you take per asset on average?

I think in total the 3 assets took me about 4 hours, slipper taking the longest, I usually recycle my substance graph and bake curvatures in there from reimporting new normals, helps me just adjust the sliders to get a slightly varied result. So major credit to that program! :smiley:

I re-rendered the cinematic with the new imports!

It looks really nice. But I also have to say, creating that without even having read the books is something like a waste of potential. I’m a huge fan of them and you could surely have added some interesting detail of you would have read them. So I agree with GameDev-DR.

But still, it looks awesome and I would really like to download that and walk around there. Do you have planned something like that? Like the Paris demo, there you also could download it and walk around there. Thats always more impressive than just watching a video.

I did put it on the oculus a few days back and it was extremely weird/cool to be walking around it.
I see your point there could have been some awesome Easter eggs… there’s a toaster in there somewhere if that counts? :d
I’ll look into getting it uploaded somewhere but I have to just finish a few other things at my university first. Thank you for the comments though

You could probably put it on the marketplace and get a good profit :slight_smile: the quality is AAA standard

Don’t mind the nay-sayers - this work is mind-blowing!