1st Unreal User Group Vienna Drink Up, July 22nd 2015

Recently we have founded the Unreal User Group Vienna, Austria, so it’s time now for our first gathering and drink up. We want to build a local community of Unreal devs here in Vienna – to share ideas and knowledge around UE4 and UDK, discuss technical details and issues, present projects powered by Unreal Engine, and simply to get together, socialise, and drink a few beers :wink:

The 1st drink up will take place:

Wednesday, the 22nd of July, 7 pm
@ Gürtelbräu Wien

By the way: it’s a great opportunity to visit Vienna that week, even if your are from abroad. From the 20th until the 22nd of July the conference takes place here as well, which is the world’s largest conference on applied artificial intelligence in games. Because of that, one or two guys from Epic might join our user group drink up too!

Thus, if you are around in Vienna that day, don’t hesitate to contact us (here in this thread) and simply come and join the gathering!

Hallo Unreal Devs!

Wir haben vor kurzem die Unreal User Group Vienna gegründet, jetzt wird es Zeit für ein Teffen. Die Idee hinter der User Group ist, sich zur Engine auszutauschen, technische Probleme mit UE4 oder UDK zu besprechen (und hoffentlich zu klären), über allgemeine Gamedev-Themen zu sprechen, und natürlich auch sich einfach kennen zu lernen und ein paar gemeinsame Bierchen zu trinken :wink:

Das 1. User Group Treffen findet statt am:

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015 um 19:00 Uhr
im Gürtelbräu Wien

In dieser Woche findet auch die hier in Wien statt, die weltweit größte Konferenz für angewandte Künstliche Intelligenz in Computerspielen. Deshalb sind zufällig auch zwei Devs von Epic in der Stadt. Diese werden vermutlich auch zum User Group Treffen kommen!

Also, keine Scheu, wir freuen uns über jeden Besucher und Interessierten – selbst wenn ers/sie noch keine Erfahrung mit Unreal hat, keine Vorkenntnisse notwendig.
Bitte gebt hier kurz bescheid, wenn ihr uns besucht. Wir freuen uns schon auf euer Kommen!

I’ll be there definitely :slight_smile:


The more the better :slight_smile:

Quick update from our guys attending

When you leave from the conference venue you basically have three options to get there:

1.) By foot. If you enjoy walking (which can be great in Vienna!) you can walk directly to the restaurant. It will take you about 20 to 25 minutes.
Here are the walking directions on Google maps: Google Maps

2.) By tram. The tramway line 5 will take you quite close to the restaurant. You can start the trip directly at the venue, at the corner of “Alser Strasse” and “Spitalgasse”.
There enter tram line 5 into direction “Westbahnhof”, and exit the tram after 5 stations at station “Lerchenfelder Strasse”. From this point it’s a 3 minute walk or so.

3.) By taxi. You can call a cab (e.g. under phone 00431 40100 or via the “MyTaxi” smartphone app) and ask the driver to bring you to “Gürtelbräu” restaurant, it’s likely he knows it.
Or the address: “Stadtbahnbogen 24-25. Gürtel”. Or you could just wait for a cab if you’re at the conference (10 Euros or less to get to the restaurant).

It was a really great evening yesterday at our first user group drink up here in Vienna.
Thanks everyone who stopped by, including Epic’s John and Laurent.

See ya again soon!