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Thread: Paris Bedroom ArchViz

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    Paris Bedroom ArchViz

    Hi all! Here is my first project made in UE. I know... I know... there are still some bugs, but I hope in next projects will be better and better.
    Enjoy!  482d3631315727.564b45192e9c1.jpg
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    This is a beautiful project. Where do the material assets come from?

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    Looks very nice! Maybe a bit too much bloom for my taste, but that's just personal preference.
    Too bad on the engine limitations on mirrors, because the blurry reflections stand out quite a lot on the mirror.

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    Love the palm tree. Is that SpeedTree generated tree?

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    Thanks Guys!

    @CBROM3 - I did it on my own
    @tupikp - No, it's model from Evermotion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loock89 View Post
    @CBROM3 - I did it on my own
    Wow, that's pretty impressive for a first project. Keep up the great work!

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    Spectacular first project!

    I agree with many of the comments and I offer the following if I were commissioning this as an architect:

    1) I'd eliminate/provide substitutes for those items that betray your ultra realism -- the mirror, the photographer's lamp (it might glow like that in a dark room), the moose head and the overly voluptuous bedding. The bedding is much too "artfully" dramatic.

    2) In a room that bright, the hanging light square would be bright but very much defined. There would be no blurring of light around it.

    3) Is the ceiling trompe l'oeil or real? If there is in fact a coffered dome, wouldn't the furthest reaches be very much in shadow?

    Standouts for me include the sideboard, the plant, the floor and the drapes. Wow!
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    Thank you very much
    As I said there are a lot of bugs which I couldn't handle. But of course I agree

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    Interesting project and wonderful lighting quality , wish u the very best

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    Thank you!

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    Very impressive my friend!!

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    Very nicely done!

    Few things I would do.

    Get rid of the dust particles. They work ok in a game but dust particles never look like that in real life, they are way too big and your room is incredibly spotless so there is no reason to have a tonne of dust floating around.

    Up the render texture size on your mirror. You can modify a file to go up to 4k so you will get much better looking reflections instead of the pixelated 512x512 that I assume you have on it at the moment.

    There is a weird LOD on the tiles above the door that pop in once you move past it, just tweak the LOD on it to a large range and you can remove it.

    Nice job though

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