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Thread: nVidia drivers slower in each update

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    nVidia drivers slower in each update

    It's something that I'm seeing with the last drivers updates. I'm using a GTX 970.

    I have a scene to test the performance, a view with 100 bots.

    Today I have updated the drivers. Before that I did a test: 128 fps. Then I updated the drivers and runed the test again: 120 fps.

    I run both tests with the same configuration in the nVidia panel (all by default), and the same UDK settings.

    The game stats was the same, but the GPU stats was worse.

    Updates are assumed to improve performance... there are any way to mitigate this?

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    I don't have any answers for you,i can only tell you I have noticed this before.i just stopped updating the drivers on my gtx680.

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    Yeah, for that reason I'm using and old driver in my first PC. I test the new drivers in another PC and since some time I have noticed that each update is slower (and no other improvement in the stabiliy or quality). It's bad for the players, and for those that still play UE3 games, I think.

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