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    Originally posted by li4inka23 View Post

    how about simplifying the plugin size by excluding the material and texture library?

    Agreed! this is something we are working on at this moment. It has lots of depedencies that will take us time to solve but thats one of our goals.
    Pierre-Felix Breton

    Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
    Epic Games - LinkedIn


      I can across this review on youtube, in case that helps anyone!
      Pierre-Felix Breton

      Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
      Epic Games - LinkedIn


        Originally posted by pf_breton View Post
        I can across this review on youtube, in case that helps anyone!
        yes, it's very interesting how the author of the video imported a helicopter with propeller animation into Twinmotion)))
        in my opinion, it is the lack of the ability to import objects with animation, for example, in fbx format, that does not allow the Twinmotion product to be fully revealed. Yes, it initially comes as a product of architectural visualization, but...)))

        in general, working with the plugin did not seem difficult to me. only an important point is the scene itself, such points as topology, polygons and so on. the better it will be done, the faster it will be transferred to the engine)

        the plugin helped me a lot with transferring the project for render scene in 360
        effects such as reflections RTX, global lighting RTX and more made the result better
        for rendering in 8K I used Ansel from Nvidia
        used as a viewer
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          I have test the plugin with Sketchup and its works well, but there's a lot lightmaps issues, for me import from SketchUp it works much better because there's no lightmap issues and the process is more simple. =/



            Yea nice to have but Lightmaps are essential for visualizing Architecture. That is a native Import: ArchiCAD -> Twinmotion -> UE via Plugin.Click image for larger version

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              I succeeded to start the download many times unfortunately each time the download is stopped on half-way.
              Tested the 2 versions from different computers but same issue. Ant idea to get and test that plugin? Thanks


                This is great news, would love to have the TM lighting and widgets and all that
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                  Hello everyone so I just installed the plugin and started working in Unreal and its awesome! But I have a little problem, on my content folders in Unreal I can't see the Twinmotion Library. any idea of how to fix this? Thank you.


                    First time trying it today and seems really good. Animated People didn't transfer over or some of the vehicles I am using, but all the TM furniture did.

                    Does anyone know if video textures are supported? I can do this in UE4 but always find it a bit time consuming.



                      i just made a Dlss version of unreal and it made me a 4.60 virsion and this plugin is for 4.60.1 i think i can not get it to run throught there i need that dlss and data smith from twinmotion running how can i do that???Click image for larger version

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                        Unable to import twin motion files - unsupported file format version 2019.05, 2019.04.
                        Engine version - 4.26.1
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                          Originally posted by pf_breton View Post

                          Created by Epic Games, this plugin allows you to start a project in Twinmotion and finish it in Unreal Engine. You will be able to import Twinmotion project files in the UE4 Editor the same way you can import *.udatasmith files. Certain limitations apply.

                          Beta Notice:

                          This plugin is in beta stage. Our effort will span across several Twinmotion releases starting with 2020.2.

                          Documentation (Roadmap and Known Limitations:

                          Download location: Since the plugin is in beta stage, we are providing a download link hosted on our Box drive. Manual installation is necessary:

                          Bug reporting: If you have a Twinmotion file that isn’t importing correctly, share it with us. This form will let you send files to our team:

                          Survey: After you’ve had a chance to try a few projects, help us understand how well this feature works for you and define our next priorities by filling this short anonymous survey:

                          I have a question in regards to the timeline for this beta.

                          Is there an approximate timeline for when this will be completed. When is the next update to the beta.

                          Looking forward to playing with this an moving this into my pipeline.