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Datasmith Solidworks import Actors

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    Datasmith Solidworks import Actors

    Hi everybody,

    I'm importing Soldworks files with Datasmith into Unreal Engine and it works great. I have one "problem", it also make my hierarchy with Actors, I'd like to get it to use the static mesh to build the hierarchy and not actors. I tried to use the Dataprep but no luck. Do I need to change anything in Solidworks to not get an Actor for each mesh?


    I know nothing about Solidworks but I know about this issue...
    From my other post:
    "Your meshes in the original 3d app are instances or have modified pivots or non uniform scale...
    Anyway if it's in 3ds max, reset xform and all your meshes will be imported as static meshes and not actors with hierarchy!"
    ...I don't know what's the same in Solidworks to reset those, but hopefully you will!