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Sketchup FBX import axis (pivot) problem. Please help.

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    Sketchup FBX import axis (pivot) problem. Please help.

    Hi I have a big problem.
    Does anyone know how to assign pivot points on each component in Sketchup Pro so that I can have a control of pivot point over each object in Unreal after imported?

    I know I can't change a pivot point in Unreal engine, so I usually used 3D MAX to set my object's pivot point.

    Now I am trying to use Sketchup pro instead of using 3D MAX for modeling, and it seems it won't let me change the object's pivot point.

    I imported Sketchup FBX file to Unreal and I wanted to move my axis (pivot) point on my object in Unreal.

    I don't want to import each objects individually.

    Please advise.