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Datasmith UV error

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    Datasmith UV error

    I am using 3ds max and I want to export my scene to UE4 using datasmith. But I take these error for almost every asset in my scene : UV channel #1 contains degenerated triangles, this can cause issues in Unreal. It is recommended to properly unfold and flatten exported UV data. I try to unfold and flatten the image but it doesn't work. I am also confused because If i import the same asset with fbx directly to ue4 everything works fine but if i imported it to 3ds max and then convert it to datasmith or even fbx I still get this error... Any suggestions?

    can we get the 3ds max file, we can have a look. send an archive containing only one object to (i don't want a large project, just one object that has the problem).
    Pierre-Felix Breton

    Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
    Epic Games - LinkedIn