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Proplem when I Import file from Revit.

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    Proplem when I Import file from Revit.

    Hello everybody. I’m a newbie. I have some trouble with my file Revit. When I import my file from revit to UE4, my roof is broken down into parts. And It’s inside Details of Actor. Can I expode or destroy it and merge my roof to 1 stactic mesh. (I draw my Roof with Curtain Panel Pattern in Revit).
    Ps: Sorry about my English. It’s super weak . And I don’t know where to find my problems in Doc Unreal . Thank you everyone

    Hi there,

    This is an intended design choice to place these as components instead of static mesh actors (less editor overhead). You can use the "convert to static mesh" tool available in the contextual menu to merge these into a single mesh. You can also use Dataprep with the Merge operator to do it in a more automated way.

    Cheers !
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