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Template Collab Viewer VR preview closes editor

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    Template Collab Viewer VR preview closes editor


    I am new to UE4 and I tested the Collab Viewer for an architecture project but I found an issue with the VR preview on the editor

    I follow the documentation to play with VR in Editor

    When start the VR Preview (on CollaborativeViewer_P maps), a new window appears and all work for the template but if
    - I do ALT + F4
    - Close the window
    - Click on the stop button in UE4

    The VR preview stops and after a few seconds... the editor closes itself (or perhaps crash but I don't have a crash report window)

    I test the basic VR Template for games and I don't have the problem.

    I use a Rift S / UE4 24.3

    Do you have a solution ?

    Thank you for the help !

    I'm having this problem as well. It also seems like since 4.24 the Collab Viewer doesn't run for VR in editor... only after being packaged. Can this be fixed?
    Alex Coulombe
    Creative Director
    Agile Lens: Immersive Design
    New York City


      Hi, I found an solution for my issue.

      I have to disable SteamVR plugins and the Editor VR Preview works.
      After that, I enable SteamVR plugins and everything works as expected.