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Wire Files and Materials

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    Wire Files and Materials

    I'm having some Issues with the importing of .wire files and applying materials.

    I noticed that the system imports objects as folders (actor) in the world outliner, but then, every surface is imported as StatichMeshActor.
    That means that if I have an actor with 600 surfaces I have to apply every single surface with the material.

    I tried to convert the actor as StaticMesh, but then In the material panel, I have 600 materials to change.

    How can I apply a single material to a single actor? Or do I miss some step?


    Hi G, A couple of things to look at when importing wire files. I am assuming your are using the latest release of 4.24 and that you have Alias installed. It sounds like stitching was not turned on in the datasmith importer, but before you set that make sure your wire file is setup for a clean import. The stitching will take look at your hierarchy so in a car example, if all the surfaces for a fender are in a single flat group when you turn "stitch sew" on you should get one mesh for the fender with all of the edges sewn together within tolerance. If you have a fillet group under that parent node it will get stitched separately so it is important to make sure the hierarchy is clean. Hope that helps,

    Russell Paul
    Senior Product Specialist
    Russell Paul
    Senior Product Designer
    Epic Games