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IFC model gets distorted with datasmith import UE 4.24

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    IFC model gets distorted with datasmith import UE 4.24

    couldn't find anything on the topoic so im giving this forum a try.
    im having trouble getting my ifc model to work in UE 4.24. when i import the modell, the grid and the model parts get distorted. has anyone had simular problems?
    the first photo shows the model working correctly in trimble connect but when import the same model into UE it gets distorted.
    thanks for any help.

    This looks a lot like objects being too far from the origin of the level. How far from the origin are your actors ?

    The coordinate system of Unreal is a single float implementation : when objects are too far from the origin, they will start to lose precision and meshes will render inaccurately and start to wobble/distort.

    A solution would be center the model to the origin of the level (0.0.0) to avoid precision issues.
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