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Import Mograph Animation from C4Dto UE4

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    Import Mograph Animation from C4Dto UE4

    Hello, I have a problem, I want to have an animated curb chain as "Skeletal Mesh" in the Unreal Engine4. Click image for larger version

Name:	TankChainsPic_C4D.jpg
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    The problem is that when I export it as a normal FBX I keep every chain link as a single Skeletal Mesh like here -> Click image for larger version

Name:	TankChainsPic_UE4ReadyC.jpg
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    I hope somebody can help me. I'm starting to despair. Isn't there the same option when importing as Skeletal Mesh as with Static Mesh "Combine Meshes"? When i import it with Unreal Datasmith for C4D than it works but i have the Animation only in a Sequenzer
    and not in a Skeletal Mesh....:C

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    Sadly this won't work that way.
    You're animating the track using the mograph cloner object.
    This is something unique to C4D and cannot be exported.

    With your current setup, if you convert the cloner it will create one object for each piece of the chain.
    But there won't be any animation anymore.

    In order to make something Unreal can understand you would have to create a skeleton and animate this instead of the mesh.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	tanktrack01.jpg
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    And avoid using the cloner for animating since you will loose the animation on converting the cloner.

    Even if you use things like move along spline, you have to bake the animation into keyframes in order to have them export correctly.

    Maybe there are easier and more flexible ways of doing this kind of things.
    E.g. i once made an animated skilift by animating one seat along the spline, then duplicating it about 20 times in UE4 and using the time offset to distribute the copies along the wire.