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Unreal v4.24.1 Crash

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    Nobody has any ideas on this?

    This has started happening out of the blue on one of my projects today. ZERO information about it online. I have plenty of VRAM free and this is happening across multiple machines with diffrent specs.

    Surely someone has an idea?

    EDIT - See this thread. Set the reflection capture resolution to something reasonable, like 512 in the DefaultEngine.ini config file located in your project directory.

    Crashes immediately stopped for me
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  • started a topic Unreal v4.24.1 Crash

    Unreal v4.24.1 Crash

    Click image for larger version

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    My unreal always crash when ever i copy sphere reflection capture. I already follow fix tutorial. still having same error.Anyone know how to fix? only happens on ue 4.24.1 version.
    Thank for help.....