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Collab Viewer on Oculus Quest

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    Collab Viewer on Oculus Quest

    Hello guys,

    did anybody get the Collab Viewer working on the Oculus Quest?

    I can build and deploy it to the Quest but the navigation doesn't work and the controllers won't show.

    I suppose this is because of the HMD/Plattform check that is performed and then it goes to Android Touch Input.

    I already changed the default navigation to VR and changed the BP Collab Viewer template to use VR when Android is detected, but so far had no luck getting this to work.

    Hello, I tried recently and the only things I did are what you described:
    - edit the blueprint to force the viewer to go for VR with Oculus and not go on Android
    - also modify the settings of the project as described in the UE4 Quest page, to make sure the project ship and is a bit more optimized.


      Could you share your modified BPs?


        I got it to work on the Quest, at least somewhat. It allows you to use the viewer in the Quest and supports the Oculus Quest controls in VR mode, but stuff like Xray etc. doesn't work. Now the problem I've got is that the connection to the server, host session and so on is handled normally in the desktop before you step into VR.

        As I see it this is completely handled in the UMG widgets and now I need a way to display those in stereo mode inside the headset somehow.

        Here is the modified BP Player Controller for the Quest:

        Anybody can chime in on the multiplayer problem?