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Maya lightmaps (Datasmith vs FBX)

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    Maya lightmaps (Datasmith vs FBX)

    Since it looks like Datasmith wont be supported with Maya.

    Is it best to go from Maya > Max > Unreal (via Datasmith)
    Or Maya to Unreal (via FBX).

    I'm interested in how lightmaps are generated specifically as it seems that FBX generated lightmaps often overlap compared to how data is moved from Max to Unreal via Datasmith.
    I've alctually had better success moving assets from Maya to Max to Unreal (via Datasmith) which is crazy workflow wise to go through so many packages, but it's much better for uv lightmaps.

    Are FBX generated light-maps dependant on existing UV channels? Does it differ from Datasmith generated lightmaps? Thanks

    yeah go with Maya > Max > Unreal (via Datasmith).
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