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    I was able to import via Datasmith 3dmodels, that are over 10 Million Polygons.
    I am trying to import via Datasmith a CityModel, that has about 3 Million Polygons - but when I try to save, I get an error saying I don't have enough RAM.

    It doesn't look like it's polygon related.
    But I also didn't import any textures, or materials, no lights, no cameras, no animation.

    Just the geometry. So how is this possible? And what's the workaround to get this done?

    Importing Elements, block by block?
    Would that change anything or nothing?

    Thanks a lot for any advice and thoughts, appreciate it!

    you can try importing you mesh in parts. example suppose u have named meshes Sm_Geo_0001 to Sm_Geo_1000. in that case export datasmith in chunks. example select Sm_Geo_0001 to Sm_Geo_0250. next export will be Sm_Geo_0251 to Sm_Geo_0500 so on. will resolve your error saying I don't have enough RAM
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    My System
    Cpu - i9 7980XE
    MB - Asus X299 Pro Se Motherboard
    Gpu - Zotac GTX1060 AMP 6GB DDR5 Graphic Card
    Ram - Corsair Dual RGB 32 GB
    SSD - Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD


      so the trick is splitting up the import? Here is the weird thing.. I was able to import all of it at the same time. The error happens, why I click SAVE ALL...