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Game Mode: How to activate Ray Tracing for Translucency + Refraction?

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    Game Mode: How to activate Ray Tracing for Translucency + Refraction?

    I am able to setup the PostProcess Volume to Ray Trace the Translucency.
    It looks perfect.

    But when I press the PLAY Button, the nice ray traced refraction is gone.

    How can I make sure, that the Game Mode (PLAY MODE) also supports the Ray Tracing inside of the Translucency / Refraction?

    Thank you so much for any little help,
    appreciate it!

    Hi BernhardRieder.

    The temporary fix we found is to switch the DefaultPawn to a Pawn. This gonna fix the issue.



      Hi Bernhard,

      We stumbled upon the same issue a few days ago. The problem is that when entering in play mode the default pawn is replaced with a sphere that encloses the camera. If you unposses the sphere (F8) you can navigate out of the mesh and all looks as expected. You can also set "visible in ray tracing" to false for that sphere. We will think on how we can prevent this to happen, thanks for reporting this issue.


        having the same issues. Can someone provide a quick step by step guide how to change the pawn? The easiest and most simplified way?


          ohhh.. that's what's happening. That makes sense. If anyone else runs into that issue. I made a video that explains how to create your own custom pawn. And how to make the sphere invisible in the game mode.

          Here is the step by step video tutorial:

          Hope that helps!


            Thanks Bernhard. You can find more info here (not super complete but can help anyway).


            We have fixed this for 4.23.1, which will be released soon. The default pawn sphere will not be visible in ray tracing by default.

            Thanks again,