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Revit to UE4 lighting discrepancy (scene looks like midnight during daylight)

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    Revit to UE4 lighting discrepancy (scene looks like midnight during daylight)


    Long time offline render user here (vray way back when), however decided to jump on the ue4 train with a few projects.

    When using Datasmith to bring my scene into UE4 from Revit, I'm pretty happy with initial results.

    However the main issue seems to be that lighting levels

    Artificial/interior lights seem to be a factor of 10x the amount of the skylight + sun. So when one stands outside the building, the interior glows brighter than daylight making it look like midnight.
    I've checked an all interior lights are setup to be roughly around 80cd.

    However the sun, by default in ue4, is 3 cd??? Isn't the sun like around 1,600,000,000 cd?

    Is this something that needs to be correct first in Revit or should I be doing something in UE4 to make the sky physically correct? Thanks.

    After some investigation it seems point lights, areaa lights can be set in lumens but skylight only has an arbitrary setting?
    As a newcomer to UE4, are lights set by 'eye" and not the V-Ray/Corona/Mental Ray/Arnold way of using a photometric scale?


      unreal works exactly like vray or 3dsmax with photom├ętric units. the defaults are weird but you can set intensity values like you do in vray and the camera exposure will work accordingly
      Pierre-Felix Breton

      Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
      Epic Games - LinkedIn


        Thanks, guess it was originally I was used to a "physical sky" which threw me off as all artificial lights were using physical units but the dome light was just arbitrary.