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Datasmith - can't render Sequence from Camera

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    Datasmith - can't render Sequence from Camera

    I was importing a Datasmith data.
    Camera Animation was imported as a Level Sequence.

    When I double click the Level Sequence, I can see the entire animation.
    Everything looks fine.

    But when I try to render, it doesn't pick up the camera from the Level Sequence.
    It just renders from the perspective view or from somewhere else.

    Inside the Render Settings, I can't find any option to tell Unreal to render the camera from the imported Level Sequence.

    What am I missing here and what do I have to do in order to render the imported Level sequence?


    What Datasmith provides you is a way to import the Data, but we can't make decisions about what camera(s) to render. What governs this is what is called "Cut Tracks". You will need to add it in the level sequence:
    Pierre-Felix Breton

    Sr Technical Product Designer AEC, Unreal Engine
    Epic Games - LinkedIn


      Hi, I am a newbie in the UE world and I am trying to accomplish the same. I dont understand what I am doing wrong. A few days ago I imported one 3dsmax scene as a datasmith-file,
      somehow I managed to see the camera movement in the viewport as I pressed space. Then when I wanted to render the animation, it only rendered a static viewport (the viewport which was active when I saved the datasmith-file). But right this moment I cant even see the camera animation, I only see the static view which as active when saving.

      Could I have some step-by-step-help on how I can render what my imported 3dsmax cam sees.