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Packaging--> Performance issues

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    Packaging--> Performance issues

    After packaging the game the performance is much lower than in the actual game play inside the editor.
    What do I have to consider when packaging to keep the same performance?

    ps: packing for shipping is totally broken when using Ray Tracing - Reflections and Shadows are broken --> that must be a bug.

    Which version of the engine are you using?
    Do you have the same issue: bad performance and broken reflection/shadows when packaging in development?
    How did you enabled the dx12 inside your UE4 project, did you add the -dx12 in the command line of your UE4Editor or did you turn it up in the project settings?


      I am using the latest release.

      Bad performance is on both packaging for shipping and development.
      Broken reflections & shadows do appear in the Shipping Packaging only.

      • The Ray Tracing is turned on inside of the project settings
      • The Unreal Editor will be launched with the proper command extension -dx12
      • The Game will be also launched adding the command line -dx12
      I considered every possibility and kept running tests with other projects and different computers.

      It looks like it's a bug you should be able to re-create yourself very easy.