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How do I switch to GameNetworkManager's dynamically managed bandwidth system?

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    How do I switch to GameNetworkManager's dynamically managed bandwidth system?

    My clients are suffering from rubber banding. I know that this is prediction error smoothing, and that the root cause of these prediction errors is the massive choking from the bandwidth restrictions. These are the default settings of the game I'm trying to host as found only in the top of the file hierarchy \Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini


    Currently the only solution would be to edit the max client rate settings as seen under IpNetDriver, and then have EVERY client manually change their speeds as seen under Engine.Player. This should of course be done at the bottom of the hierarchy. I have no idea why there would not be a server forced minimum bandwidth setting, but there isn't (MinClientRate & MinInternetClientRate).

    The game will NOT be updating the version of the unreal engine 4 it is using. This leaves me with 2 solutions.

    UE4 has a "GameNetworkManager" which dynamically controls bandwidth, but I do not know how to tell my server to use it.
    TotalNetBandwidth=total bandwidth limit of the server
    MaxDynamicBandwidth=server forced maximum bandwidth of a client
    MinDynamicBandwidth=server forced minimum bandwidth of a client

    Create a mod that edits the config file of my clients to adjust their bandwidth settings and have them ALL download and install it. What a pain.

    How do I switch my server from using the classic method of client set rates and server forced maximum to dynamically managed bandwidth of the GameNetworkManager?