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Can someone help with this python script

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    Can someone help with this python script

    I am in desperate need of help[ grouping my datasmith objects that are imported from Revit.

    all my elements have datasmith user data attached

    I'm looking to
    1. find the value in the "Element_wc_TaskCode" parameter
    2. add that value to a new tag
    3. select all actors and filter by the new tag
    4. Join all actors with the new tag

    I'm trying to work off the examples shown here

    I should be able to remove .by_actor_Label and add .by_actor_tag


    # Find all Floor* meshes from the current level
    actor_list = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_all_level_actors()
    actor_list = unreal.EditorFilterLibrary.by_class(actor_list, unreal.StaticMeshActor.static_class())
    actor_list = unreal.EditorFilterLibrary.by_actor_label(actor_list, "floor*", unreal.EditorScriptingStringMatchType.MATCHES_WILDCARD)

    # Take all the StaticMeshComponent the Actors have and move them all into a new Actor. Same amount of StaticMesh, but less Actors.
    join_options = unreal.EditorScriptingJoinStaticMeshActorsOptions()
    join_options.new_actor_label = "JoinActors"
    join_options.destroy_source_actors = True
    new_actor = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.join_static_mesh_actors(actor_list, join_options);



    Copying the information to a tag is really only a workaround to not being able to sort by datasmith data. If this is possible I'd omit the "tag" step.

    Somebody Please help!!
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    I was able to do what I needed in a UtilityBlueprint
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