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Unreal Studio Beta 4.23 Preview

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    Unreal Studio Beta 4.23 Preview


    We have released a preview of Unreal Studio 4.23. The notes below are for updates related to Unreal Studio.
    (general details about the 4.23 engine preview can be found here)

    Please Note:
    • Previews should only be used for testing and not for development
    • The notes below are incomplete. Full release notes will be made available with the official release.
    • Please share feedback about Unreal Studio features here on the forum thread
    • Post bug reports about Unreal Studio 4.23 via the support webpage
    • Required: Visit the Unreal Studio Exporters Downloads page for the Preview 3ds Max, SketchUp, and Revit exporters.
    • Be aware that only one exporter plugin version can be installed to your software at a time (in case you need to jump between the Preview and the latest officially release version)

    Unreal Studio improvements and features to test:

    Datasmith Import for Cinema4D:
    • Cinema 4D Support - Files can be imported natively via a new dropdown option on the Datasmith import button
    • Using the Save for Melange command in C4D users will be able to translate whole scene hierarchies.
    • Current Limitations
      • C4D’s node graph materials are not supported in Melange
      • C4D’s procedural shaders. Bitmaps, colors and settings only.
      • Animated deformers.
      • Only PSR Animation.
      • Skeletal Animations are not supported at this time.

    New Collaborative Design Review Template:
    • This provides a single project template combining features of the previous 2 templates.
    • Addition of a camera mode panel in desktop mode to allow selection of camera navigation technique
    • Refactoring of commands implementation, so it’s easier to extend the project in blueprint
    • Commands are accessible through a UI (Desktop and VR menus)
    • VR can be toggled On/Off, instead of selecting a mode at startup and living with it for the rest of the session
    • Current Limitations
      • 4.23 version does not work on mobile

    New HDRI Backdrop Actor:
    • With the new HDRI Backdrop Actor, it’s faster and easier to create a realistic background and lighting environment for your Level from a single HDRI image
    • Simply drop the Actor into your Level and assign it the HDRI texture you want. You’ll get your texture projected onto a backdrop, a Sky Light automatically set up to provide ambient light drawn from the texture, and a floor surface that captures the shadows from your Level

    3ds Max Workflow Improvements:
    • Vray lights - Disc shapes - A Vray light set to Disc now exports as a Rect light with a Disk shape. Lumen calculations are also be taken into account, identically to rectangular vray lights.
    • Photometric lights - Uniform Diffuse Distribution - Diffuse distributions emit lights in one direction (cosine) as opposed to all around (isotropic).
    • Corona Light Improvements
      • All intensity units are now properly converted to an equivalent value in units compatible in UE
      • Support for light Shapes and types
      • Corona's Cylinder lights now have the proper rotation in UE
    • Body Objects now use Viewport Tesselation
    • Refactored limit of 100 material IDs for MultiSub Materials
    • Helper objects imported as null objects
    • Support Autodesk Bitmap Format
    • and more...

    Revit Workflow Improvements:
    • Fixed UVs inverted on the Y axis
    • WallSweep now exported
    • Export light sources on "Light Sources" layer for easier selection

    Additional Unreal Studio Features and Improvements:
    • New Re-tessellate command for static meshes imported from CAD
    • CAD importer has been refactored for future benefit. This impacts Python API; scripts made for 4.22 don't run in 4.23
    • VRED and Deltagen animations now import as Level Sequences
    • Editor Python API added for the Variant Manager. (unreal.VariantManagerLibrary, unreal.VariantSet, unreal.Variant)
    • Improved performance when working with large scenes (many updates)

    Preview FAQ
    • Why do you release previews?
      • Primarily for the opportunity for you to catch and report any significant bugs that our QA did not experience. We will try to fix major bugs before the actual release.
    • How do I access the Preview?
      • Open the Epic Games Launcher to the Unreal Engine > Library page. Click the [+] button to add a new engine slot, and select the engine Preview from the dropdown list. The Preview version of the Datasmith plugin should install immediately after the engine installation, but if not, you can also install if from the Library page in the Unreal Studio Beta section.
    • Are there updates during the Preview cycle?
      • Yes, we typically release an updated preview version every week
    • How long does the Preview run for? When is the actual release?
      • Previews typically last for a month, but may run longer or shorter on occasion. The release occurs one or two weeks after the last Preview.
    • Do I need to uninstall the Preview after it is over?
      • No. You can update the Preview installation to become the actual release.
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    Stephen Ellis | Enterprise Program Coordinator

    what a great feature like HDRi lighting


      [QUOTE="All intensity units are now properly converted to an equivalent value in units compatible in UE[/QUOTE]

      Looking Forward to this.
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        Seeing so much great features in this PR, looking forward to the official release.


          When i use omni light , it had shadow problem (in raytracing mode)
          but i replace omni to reclight ,it seem look ok . i don't know what made it ! shadow? or post bug?

          oculus vr in raytracing dx12 is crash.. lol
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            HDRI backdrop is great. Do you have any documentation on the design review template or will this drop with the full 4.23 release?
            David Gillespie
            Foster + Partners


              PS - Am always holding out for C# integration from Epic in the next release however USharp is coming along really nicely and it's allowing us to speed up our development using some of our own libraries (and others that are available).

              This may be a great way to increase market share with developers more familiar with C# based engines!
              David Gillespie
              Foster + Partners


                Are there any plans to support Solidworks Decals?