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Twin Motion vs Unreal Studio

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    Twin Motion vs Unreal Studio


    I'm a sort of new to Unreal products.

    My background is in REVIT and Enscape3D.

    What is the difference between Twin Motion and Unreal Studio.

    They both seem to do the same thing.

    Can Unreal Studio achieve the effects done in this video.

    I love how they throw a paint ball onto the couch and it changed colors at 1:20.

    Thanks for your help.


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    Twin motion is built off the the unreal engine 4.
    - This is an application based of unreal.

    Unreal Studio is the workflow to get 3rd party assets into unreal engine through datasmith.
    - This is unreal engine.

    This is comparing an apple to an orange.

    If you stick around using the program eventually you will be able to take twin motion into unreal engine 4.


      U can compare twinmotion with lumion not with unreal engine. good luck.
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        Unfortunately this did not help.

        Twin Motion produces renderings and movie walkthroughs but Unreal Studio does the exact same thing what's the difference?

        I wish there was a customer phone support help number.

        What the difference between Unreal Studio and Unreal Engine 4.